Who won the game between the Packers and the Vikings?

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#GREEN BAY โ€“ Behind the power running of Dalvin Cook, the Vikings scored touchdowns the first four times they had the ball Sunday and went on to beat the Packers, 28-22, at a windy Lambeau Field.

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In short, who won the game between the Packers?

Aaron Rodgers and Co. were more dangerous, however, driving up and down the field to claim a 37-30 win and improve to 3-0 on the 2020 NFL season.

Right, when was the last time the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers? 2015

Beyond, which Packer player went to the Vikings?

Brett Favre

No. 4
NFL Draft:1991 / Round: 2 / Pick: 33
Career history
Atlanta Falcons (1991) Green Bay Packers (1992โ€“2007) New York Jets (2008) Minnesota Vikings (2009โ€“2010)
Career highlights and awards

Why did the Packers lose to the Vikings?

The Packers allowed touchdowns on their first four series and were unable to complete a last-ditch comeback, losing 28-22 to the Vikings. ... The game ended when Aaron Rodgers fumbled after Vikings defensive end D.J. Wonnum hit him from behind while trying to throw downfield.

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Who are the Packers rivals?

Here are the top five rivals of the Packers, ranked.
  • 5 โ€“ Pittsburgh Steelers. ...
  • 4 โ€“ Detroit Lions. ...
  • 3 โ€“ Dallas Cowboys. ...
  • 2 โ€“ Minnesota Vikings. ...
  • 1 โ€“ Chicago Bears.

Who did the Packers sign today?

Signed RT Rick Wagner and LB Christian Kirksey to two-year contracts. Re-signed DB Will Redmond and RB Tyler Ervin to one-year contracts. Re-signed TE Marcedes Lewis.

What was the Packers score last night?

Bears vs. Packers updates, highlights from 'Sunday Night Football' 11:25 p.m. โ€” FINAL: Packers 41, Bears 25.

Do Packers need to win?

For the Packers to get the top seed in the NFC, they need to win their final two games and have both the 49ers and Seahawks pick up another loss. ... So if one of them loses this week, and that team then wins next week, mission accomplished as far as Green Bay is concerned.

What team is better Packers or Vikings?

The two teams have met each other 121 times (including 2 postseason games), with the Green Bay Packers winning 63 games and the Minnesota Vikings winning 55 games. They have also tied 3 times.

Why are the Vikings and Packers rivals?

It is considered to be one of Minnesota's most intense rivalries, due to both teams being located in the same division since the Vikings' inception, and the fact that the two states (Minnesota and Wisconsin) are geographically adjacent to one another, thereby allowing them to compete in multiple sports in other leagues ...

Are the Vikings better than the Bears?

The two teams have met each other 119 times (including 1 postseason game), with the Minnesota Vikings winning 61 games and the Chicago Bears winning 56 games. ... They have also tied 2 times.

How many Super Bowls have the Vikings won?

The Vikings are arguably the most successful NFL franchise to never win a Super Bowl. Minnesota ranks sixth all-time in win percentage and seventh overall in combined regular season and postseason wins. The Vikings have won 20 division titles, and have made 30 playoff appearances.

How many Super Bowls have the Packers lost?

Green Bay meets the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday evening with spot in Super Bowl LIV in Miami on the line. The Packers have previously made five Super Bowls, winning four and losing one.

Did US bank win the Packers stadium?

The Packers have never won at U.S. Bank Stadium. ... The Packers can clinch the NFC North title and position themselves for a first-round bye in the playoffs by beating the Vikings on Monday night.