Who won between Israel Adesanya and Paulo Costa?

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Adesanya dominated Paulo Costa, culminating in a TKO at 2 minutes, 59 seconds of the second round in the main event of UFC 253 on Saturday night in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. With the victory, Adesanya notched his second successful UFC middleweight title defense.

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Conjointly, who won out of Adesanya and Costa?

UFC 253 results: Israel Adesanya plows through Paulo Costa to retain middleweight title.

At the very least, how much did Adesanya make against Costa? Israel Adesanya received just over $1.053m for his stunning UFC middleweight title defence against Paulo Costa. The Kiwi star made quick work of the Brazilian with a second round victory at Fight Island in Abu Dhabi on Sunday.

Additional, who Will Israel Adesanya fight next?

Israel Adesanya is moving up in the world and in weight divisions, as Dana White confirms the UFC Middleweight Champion's next fight will be at 205 pounds / 92.99kg against UFC Light Heavyweight Champion – Jan Blachowicz. Which gives the undefeated New Zealand fighter a shot at becoming a 'champ-champ'.

How much does Bruce Buffer make?

Bruce Buffer reportedly earns $50,000 per UFC fight and $100,000 for special UFC events. Take into consideration that women fighters sometimes make as little as $40,000 (according to Paige VanZant) per fight and that's good money.

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How did Israel Adesanya win?

Adesanya faced Robert Whittaker in a title unification bout on 6 October 2019 at UFC 243. He won the fight via knockout in the second round to become the undisputed UFC middleweight champion. This win earned him his fourth Performance of the Night award.

How much does Israel Adesanya make?

Multiple reports suggest Adesanya's worth $2 million based on money won in his 19 career fights. He won a reported $1.34 million from his last three fights in UFC 248, 243 and 236, respectively.