Who counters Maokai support?

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So, best supports : any with good MS or MS boosts like Lulu, Karma or Janna to outrun his saplings or his ult. Other good counters are hard engagers (Leona, Blitz, Thresh) or strong pokers like Brand or Vel'Koz who can burst him before he does a lot.

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Either way, who beats Maokai?

Maokai Counter The strongest counter would be Swain, a moderately diffcult to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.98% (Good) and Play Rate of 3.34% (High).

As a result, who counters galio support? The closest ones we had to that are Rakan (2017), but he focuses heavily on weaving in and out of fights, Ivern (if played as support, 2016), Bard (not as much of an enchanter and focused on roaming, 2015) and Taric - the closest to that role (reworked in 2016).

At any event, who counters Rene?

Renekton Counter Pick

Win RatePlay Rate
EkkoBoy Who Shattered Time50.61%6.14%
Dr. MundoMadman of Zaun51.14%1.29%
NasusCurator of the Sands50.99%2.53%

Who counters Kayle top?

Kayle Counter Pick

Win RateBan Rate
ShenEye of Twilight52.44%0.96%
DariusHand of Noxus50.27%5.05%

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Who counters Illaoi top?

Illaoi Counter PickWin RateBan Rate
ShenEye of Twilight52.44%0.96%
GarenMight of Demacia51.93%1.12%
JayceDefender of Tomorrow47.7%0.36%
IreliaWill of the Blades47.26%1.05%

What counters galio mid?

Galio Game counter picks
  • Zyra. 43.5% Win Rate.
  • Amumu. 45.3% Win Rate.
  • Sona. 45.4% Win Rate.

Is galio support good?

Galio is a Mid/Support champ who excels in either deleting people from the game or supporting your team with amazing roam potential and kill denial with Hero's Entrance.

Who counters fizz mid?

Fizz Counter Pick The strongest counter would be Malzahar, a easy to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 52.63% (Good) and Play Rate of 1.83% (High).

Does Renekton counter teemo?

As a Renekton main, I rarely lose to Teemo. It's favorable for Teemo only if Ren is overly aggressive, which many are. On the other hand, if Teemo is too poke reliant using his blind in his poke, Ren can punish with a E Q AA W AA Q and ignite for the kill.

How do you counter Trynda?

Tryndamere Counter tips
  • Tryndamere will look to split push during the mid-game and he'll rarely join team fights. ...
  • If Tryndamere is split pushing in the bottom side in the mid-game, avoid sending lots of people to stop him when Baron's up. ...
  • Try to fight when Tryndamere doesn't have his Ultimate up.
  • Who counters Garen top?

    Garen Best game matchups
    • Varus. 63.9% Win Rate.
    • Rengar. 61.5% Win Rate.
    • Xayah. 60.7% Win Rate.

    Is Kayle good lol?

    Kayle is a pretty strong champion in the way that she is so extremely flexible. She can build AD/AP/On-Hit to really counter any champion that is popping off and wrecking your team. Make a habit of looking at the entire enemy builds and calculating what they have the most of.

    How do you counter Wukong?

    Wukong Counter tips
  • Do not try to execute Wukong if he still has his. W available. ...
  • Wukong wins a lot of auto-attack battles, so don't go for extended trades with him unless you can kill him.
  • If Wukong has left lane after level 6, tell your team as soon as he leaves. He might be trying to use his Ultimate.
  • How do you fight Kayle?

    Kayle Counter tips
  • Laning Against. Kayle is at her weakest in the early game. Try to abuse her weakness by playing aggressive and getting kills. ...
  • Strategy VS. Try to end the game as quickly as you can as the longer the game goes, the stronger Kayle becomes. ...
  • Power Spikes. Kayle is really weak in the early game.
  • Can Illaoi e kill?

    In the early game, and even mid game, Illaoi lacks the damage to kill the spirit and therefore does very little damage to you through it. If the E is out of range of a tentacle then she won't kill it, just give her enough space that she can't damage both of you simultaneously.