Who can file for unemployment in SC?

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To be monetarily eligible for UI benefits, you must: Have at least $1,092 in covered employment (with an employer who paid UI taxes) during the base period's* highest quarter. Have earned at least $4,455 from covered employment during the base period*.

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In addition to that, how long do you have to work to get unemployment in SC?

two quarters

Forbye, how much do you get for unemployment in South Carolina? Amount and Duration of Unemployment Benefits in South Carolina. Your weekly benefit amount will be approximately 50% of your average weekly wage during your base period, subject to a weekly minimum of $42 and a maximum of $326.

Different, can you work part time and collect unemployment in SC?

Can I earn wages while receiving unemployment benefits? Working part-time or odd jobs while receiving unemployment is acceptable and even encouraged. However, you must report the amount you earn each week when filing your weekly claim.

What is the maximum unemployment benefit in South Carolina 2020?

The program allows UI recipients to maintain purchasing power, therefore, easing the serious effects of unemployment on individual households, the community and the state. In South Carolina, a UI claim can provide up to 20 weeks of benefits. The average weekly benefit amount is $236. The maximum weekly benefit is $326.

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Can I get severance pay and unemployment in SC?

Your severance pay doesn't affect your ability to file an unemployment claim. Nor is severance pay deducted from your weekly unemployment benefits.

How do I know if my unemployment claim was approved in SC?

Claim Status Claimants will be able to find the tracker in the MyBenefits portal to see their benefits status in real time. Claimants can find this claim status tracker by logging into their portal and selecting the Claim Status tab at the top of their screen.

Is collecting unemployment bad for your credit?

Though being unemployed or collecting unemployment benefits will not directly impact your credit scores, not having a job could bring your credit down in other ways. When you lose your income, it could become difficult to pay all your bills on time and in full, which could result in missed or late payments.

How do I apply for unemployment in SC online?

Application Process Unemployment insurance is a 100% online process. Claims are filed through the MyBenefits Portal. Eligibility for benefits can only be determined after you have filed a claim for benefits.

What state has the highest unemployment rate?


How do I apply for partial unemployment in SC?

When filing a partial claim, it is important to report all earnings, including vacation pay and holiday pay, applicable to the week claimed. You can file using this method for only six weeks per benefit year. After six weeks, the worker must contact a claims representative at 1-866-831-1724 if still unemployed.

How do I file for unemployment in SC?

To remain eligible for benefits, you must actively search for work each week that you file a weekly certification for unemployment insurance benefits. You must conduct at least two (2) job searches each week through SC Works Online Services (SCWOS).

How do I file my weekly unemployment claim in SC?

File your weekly claim in one of three ways:
  • Online via the MyBenefits portalβ€” After logging in, answer the questions about whether you worked, earned any gross pay and whether you were able, available and looking for work.
  • In person at an SC Works center near you.
  • Calling TelClaim System.
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