Which NFL stadiums will allow fans?

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Tracking Which NFL Teams Will Allow Fans

Detroit LionsNo fans at least through November
Green Bay PackersNo fans allowed at Lambeau Field indefinitely
Houston TexansHosted approximately 12,000 fans in Week 5
Indianapolis ColtsAllowed to host up to 7,500 fans in Week 3

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Further, how many NFL teams are allowing fans in the stadium?

32 NFL teams

On top of, is NFL going to have fans? The NFL has not developed a league-wide policy, but is instead allowing each team to craft its own policy in conjunction with local health officials. Some teams have announced plans to have no fans in the stands for anywhere from the first game to the full season, while others have gotten approval for limited numbers.

Futhermore, what NFL stadium holds the most fans?

AT&T Stadium

Are Dallas Cowboys allowing fans?

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Cowboys are the only team in the NFC East that will allow fans in their home stadium in 2020. "Absolutely (it's fair). The benefit of crowds are important to sports," Jones said Tuesday, via 105.3 The Fan.

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Are Chiefs allowing fans?

Chiefs Plan to Allow Fans at Arrowhead Stadium at 22% Capacity; Masks Mandatory. The Kansas City Chiefs announced Monday they plan to reduce the capacity of Arrowhead Stadium to around 22 percent for the 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who has the lowest attendance in NFL?

The team with the lowest average regular season attendance in 2019 were the Los Angeles Chargers, who attracted an average home crowd of 25,393.

How much is a ticket to an NFL game?

The average ticket price for an NFL game is $151, according to SeatGeek data. The price point for individual tickets may vary depending on the seating section, opponent, day of week, and more.

Are Broncos allowing fans?

DENVER — The Broncos will allow 5,700 fans at home games for the rest of the season, the club announced Monday, after receiving approval from state health officials. ... Single-game tickets for season ticket members will go on sale Oct. 13. The COVID-19 protocols will follow the same plan the Broncos took for their Sept.

What is the loudest NFL stadium?

CenturyLink Field

What is the oldest NFL stadium?

Soldier Field

How many fans did the Cowboys play yesterday?

The team counted 30,048 fans at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Thursday, when the Cowboys, as they have nearly every year since 1966, played at home on Thanksgiving, this time against the Washington Football Team.

How many fans can the Chiefs have?

Arrowhead Stadium will be filled at 22% capacity with 16,000 fans at the maximum being allowed into the building. One school district in Missouri took issue with the Chiefs being allowed to have 16,000 fans in the stands while high schools are only allowed to have 100.

How did Chiefs fans get tickets?

Season Ticket Members will be contacted directly via email with additional details. Tickets will be sold in grouped pods of seats, with the ability to purchase as many as six seats in the same pod through the online process. Fans will be required to attend with known guests sitting within their purchased pod.

Why are there fans in the stands at the Chiefs game?

(CNN) The National Football League will kick off its season September 10 with fans in the stands, according to an announcement Monday. ... The Chiefs, in consultation with health officials and the NFL, said on their website tickets for the game will be sold and grouped in six seats or less.

Can the NFL survive without fans?

The NFL stands to lose a lot of money if fans are not in the stands but if players are passing the virus to each other, there won't be anyone healthy enough to play a game. ... NFL attendance will be low this year but there are no questions that fans will attend if the gates are open.

Has NFL attendance dropped?

Attendance Drops To Lowest Point Since '04. NFL teams averaged 66,648 fans at home during the '19 regular season, the lowest figure since '04. It is the first time since '10 average attendance dropped below 67,000.