Which element has similar properties to lithium explain?

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hese pairs (lithium (Li) and magnesium (Mg), beryllium (Be) and aluminium (Al), boron (B) and silicon (Si), etc.) exhibit similar properties; for example, boron and silicon are both semiconductors, forming halides that are hydrolysed in water and have acidic oxides.

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For this reason, which element would be most similar to Li?

Two elements that have properties similar to those of the element sodium are Potassium (K) and Lithium (Li) because they are in the same group.

Equal, does Li and Be have similar properties? Among the given options, choice A and B refer to elements in the same period of the periodic table, while choice D refers to elements placed diagonally. ... Lithium (Li), sodium (Na) and potassium (K) are part of group I of the periodic table and are known as alkali metals and have similar properties.

Not only that, which element has properties like lithium quizlet?


How is beryllium similar to lithium?

a) Lithium belongs to the first group (Group IA). Hence, it has the same or similar properties as the other elements of the group. ... b) Beryllium belongs to the second group (Group IIA). Hence, it has the same or similar properties as the other elements of the group.

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Why is lithium like beryllium?

Though Lithium and Beryllium belong to two different groups in the periodic table, both have some similarities in them. These are partially soluble in the water and exhibit large atomic radii. ... Also, only Lithium exhibits the property of forming Nitrides in its group of the periodic table.

What element is most similar to beryllium?


Are the properties of sodium more like Lithium?

lithium - Sodium and lithium are in the same group, so their properties should be more alike than the properties of sodium and magnesium.