What's tontos horses name?

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Aficionados of old-time radio and television know that the Lone Ranger's faithful Indian companion is Tonto and that Tonto's horse is Scout. In real-life, TV's Tonto was the late Jay Silverheels. And his horse is Hi Ho Silverheels, a standardbred named in memory of the actor by a close friend, trainer Milan Smith.

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In addition to it, what is Line Rangers horses name?

Silver is the Lone Ranger's great white stallion. The horse was so named by Tonto who once remarked that the horse's coat looked like silver.

Basically, what is the real meaning of Kemosabe? Kemosabe means “friend,” popularized by The Lone Ranger radio and TV show.

For that reason, what was the name of The Lone Ranger's nephew's horse?

The Lone Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid, rode a horse named “Victor”. A horse, it should be noted, that had another familial connection; Victor was the son of the Lone Ranger's horse, Silver.

How did Tonto get his name?

Tonto is the Native-American partner of the Lone Ranger. He is from the Potawatomi tribe (an Apache in the 2003 television film, but a Comanche in the 2013 film). His name means "Crazy One" or "The Fool" in Spanish.

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Is Tonto still alive?

Jay Silverheels, 62, who costarred in the long-running "Lone Ranger" television series as the faithful Indian Tonto, died Wednesday at the Motion Picture and Television Country House. A spokesman at the home said he died of complications from pneumonia. He had been hospitalized there since Jan.

What does kemosabe mean in Navajo?

In Navajo, on the other hand, “kemosabe” translates as “soggy shrub.” If this seems an odd thing for faithful friend Tonto to call the Lone Ranger, perhaps he was just repaying the Ranger's long-standing insult. “Tonto,” after all, is a Spanish word meaning “stupid.”

What does kemosabe meaning Lone Ranger?

Native American writer Sherman Alexie, who is of Coeur D'Alene descent, has said that kemosabe means “idiot” in Apache. “They were calling each other 'idiot' all those years,” he told an interviewer in 1996, a few years after the publication of his story collection The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven.

What Indian tribe was Tonto from?

Tonto is a fictional character; he is the Native American (either Comanche or Potawatomi) companion of the Lone Ranger, a popular American Western character created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker.

What happened to Lone Ranger's horse Silver?

He starred as Silver in "The Lone Ranger" Television Series from 1949 to 1954, and was thought to be one of the most popular horses of all the western heroes. ... He was retired after a brief stand-in appearance in the 1956 movie, "The Lone Ranger", and was only used for close ups and head shots thereafter.

What horse played silver in the Lone Ranger?

Another white horse that Bill Ward owned, named Traveler played Silver for stunts requiring action scenes. Bill Ward, dressed as the Lone Ranger would ride during chase, leap off at a full gallop, and do jumps off of Traveler. Nobody else rode Traveler.

Is The Lone Ranger a true story?

The Lone Ranger is a fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend, Tonto. The character has been called an enduring icon of American culture. He first appeared in 1933 in a radio show on WXYZ (Detroit), conceived either by station owner George W.

Who's horse was named Victor?

Victor is the son of the Lone Ranger's horse, Silver. He belongs to the Ranger's nephew, Dan Reid Jr.

What does Tonto mean in English?

American Spanish, from Spanish, fool, from tonto foolish.

Did Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels get along?

Your father and co-star Jay Silverheels continued their relationship for years after the show ended, and often appeared together. They had a very, very deep bond.

Why did Clayton Moore replace John Hart?

Moore played the Ranger on TV from 1949 to 1951, when he was replaced by John Hart, allegedly due to a contract dispute with the producers. ... Although the TV show and movies had run their course, that didn't mean Moore was done with his iconic cowboy persona.

What horse breed is silver?

-- Even in the animal world, Hollywood stardom is all about timing. Take the 10-year-old Thoroughbred quarter horse called Silver who happened to be born with a pure white coat. The horse was a natural for animal scouts looking for the right horse to play the famous steed called Silver in the The Lone Ranger reboot.

Why did Clayton Moore stop being the Lone Ranger?

Moore's daughter Dawn, in a 2014 interview available on YouTube, says Trendle believed Moore wanted a share of the merchandising revenue from the show. Since he considered actors playing a masked man were interchangeable, he fired Moore (who, according to Dawn, never would have asked for the merchandising money).

Where is the Lone Ranger Ranch?

Much of the series was filmed on the former Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, California, including the iconic opening sequence to each episode, in which the cry of "Hi-yo Silver" is heard before the Lone Ranger and Silver gallop to a distinctive rock and Silver rears up on his hind legs.

What Indian tribe did Jay Silverheels belong to?

Silverheels was born Harry J. Smith, part of a prominent Mohawk-Seneca family at Six Nations near Brantford, Ont. Tonto is one of the most famous and enduring characters ever to come out of American television.

Did Clayton Moore have a stunt double?

He is pictured lower right with Clayton Moore who portrayed the masked man. ... Moore. "In the very opening scene of the Lone Ranger show he was on (his horse) Silver on top of the hill. That was really his stunt double Wayne Burson and his stunt horse.

What language did Tonto speak?

Kemosabe is just part of the dubious linguistic freight involved in remaking “The Lone Ranger” for 2013. Tonto (who in the original story was Potawatomi, not Comanche) is a central figure in the Lone Ranger story; at the same time, with his pidgin dialect, he represents the lamest stereotype of Hollywood Indian.

Was Bass Reeves The Lone Ranger?

Absolutely. “Bass Reeves is the closest real person to resemble the fictional Lone Ranger on the American western frontier of the nineteenth century,” Burton wrote. Born a slave in 1838 in Crawford County Arkansas, Reeves's owner was William S. Reeves, a cotton farmer and prominent politician in the area.

Were topper and silver the same horse?

Topper was also used to play the Lone Rangers horse Silver. ... The Lone Ranger was played by Clayton Moore (later by John Hart) in the film series. Silver was in fact Hopalong Cassidy's horse.

Did the Lone Ranger have a silver mine?

Everything Silver; As the 1948 “Codified” legend goes, the Reid brothers discovered and owned a silver mine before they became Texas Rangers. They were going to work it once they retired. But after the ambush, the silver mine became the source of bullets, horseshoes and what little spending cash the Lone Ranger needed.

Is silver the horse stuffed?

Silver was one of four horses used in the movie, and he was in about 60 percent of the filming, according to trainer Bobby Lovgren. ... (Trigger was known as "the smartest horse in the movies" and Rogers loved him so much, he had the horse stuffed when he died.)

Who is Tonto based on?

In the new film, Tonto is technically a full-blooded Comanche, and Depp identifies in real life as part Cherokee and Creek Indian, based on a Kentucky great-grandmother's ancestry, so the character is proving to be less historically specific to one tribe than a blend of various cultures and influences.

Was the Lone Ranger a black man?

His name was Bass Reeves. He was an African-American who did, in fact, live among Native Americans. He became a deputy U.S. Marshal, a lawman who hunted bad men.

Who had a horse named Bucephalus?

Bucephalus was Alexander's horse and one of the most famous horses in world history. He was described as being black with a large white star on his forehead. The horse's name is a combination of the Greek words "bous," meaning ox and "kephalos," meaning head, perhaps a nod to the horse's intractable nature.

What is the meaning of Lone Ranger?

Definition of lone ranger : one who acts alone and without consultation or the approval of others broadly : loner. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About lone ranger.