What year did LeBron James go to his first NBA Finals?

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Incidently, when did LeBron James start playing basketball?


At any event, did LeBron James finish high school? She inaccurately criticized James for leaving high school “a year early'' to enter the NBA. James actually graduated from St. Vincent-St. Mary Academy in 2003 and then entered the NBA Draft.

Even though, how long has LeBron James been in the NBA?

Player Profile:

Full Name:LeBron Raymone James
Drafted:by the Cleveland Cavaliers with No. 1 overall pick in round 1 of the 2003 NBA Draft
NBA Seasons:17 (14 Playoffs)
NBA Titles:4 Championships

Will LeBron get 6 rings?

After winning his fourth NBA championship and fourth Finals MVP award, LeBron provided a much-needed boost to his Finals record. ... Even without the six rings, James can boast that he accomplished something MJ didn't. He is the only player in NBA history to win the Finals MVP award with three different teams.

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