What time is the clasico today?

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It's time for FC Barcelona and Real Madrid to face off in one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports in the 2020 edition of El Clasico. The long-running series between Spanish league clubs is set for a 10 a.m. EST (in the United States) at Camp Nou.

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Along with that, what time does the Clasico start?

The 245th competitive Clasico have a kick off (start time) of 16:00 CEST (10:00 ET), and it will be the first to take place without fans in attendance.

At the very least, has El Clasico been postponed? The Clasico has already been postponed once this season. The two teams met in December at the Camp Nou in a fixture that was originally scheduled for October but had to be rearranged because of security issues in Barcelona.

Conjointly, which channel will telecast El Clasico?

La Liga and El Clasico 2020 will not be broadcast on any TV channels in India.

Who won most El Clasico?

El Clásico

Most winsCompetitive matches: Real Madrid (97) Exhibition matches: Barcelona (19) Total matches: Barcelona (115)
Most player appearancesSergio Ramos (45)
Top scorerLionel Messi (26)
Largest victoryReal Madrid 11–1 Barcelona Copa del Rey (19 June 1943)

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How can I watch El Clasico?

UK viewers can watch the game live on LaLigaTV, with coverage starting at 7.30pm. Sky and Virgin customers can order LaLigaTV along with both Premier Sports channels for £9.99 a month. Alternatively, Sky customers can get LaLigaTV on its own for £5.99 a month.

Who won La Liga 2020?

Real Madrid

Which year did Real Madrid score Barcelona 7 0?


Why Barcelona vs Real Madrid postponed?

FC Barcelona and Real Madrid's "El Clasico" match on October 26 has been postponed due to safety fears surrounding the ongoing violent protests in Catalonia. ... La Liga made an official request to RFEF to have the game on October 26 moved from the Camp Nou to Madrid's Bernabeu stadium, according to the BBC.

Why is Barcelona game postponed today?

This month's El Clasico between Barcelona and Real Madrid has been postponed because of fears of civil unrest. ... Both Barcelona and Real Madrid disagreed with calls to switch the game to Madrid. The clubs have proposed Wednesday, 18 December as a new date.

How can I get Barcelona FC tickets?

Barcelona FC has made it easy to buy tickets for both the matches and the tours of the stadium.
  • How to reserve your Barcelona FC match tickets in advance of your trip. ...
  • Book your Camp Nou Experience tickets online to avoid the queues. ...
  • Purchasing Football Match Tickets by Telephone: ...
  • Ticket Office. ...
  • Book your tickets online.
  • What channel can I watch La Liga on?

    All the La Liga matches of the 2020/21 season will be streamed live on the official La Liga Facebook page. La Liga will not be broadcast on any TV channel in India.

    What is El Clasico known for?

    El Clásico (English: The Classic, Catalan: El clàssic) is a football match between two Spanish rival football clubs, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, in the Spanish football league La Liga. It is one of the most famous football matches in the world.

    Where can I watch Barcelona vs Real Madrid tonight?

    TV channel: UK viewers will be able to watch the match on Premier Sports, in conjunction with LaLigaTV - Sky channel 435 - which holds the rights to show Spanish football across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    Who is the king of El Clasico?

    Lionel Messi