What is your opinion on or about?

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The prepositions about and on are interchangable and we use (about/on) whenever the word opinion refers to a thought or belief about something or someone. I.e: What's your opinion about/on the matter? 2. The preposition (of) is usually used after opinion whenever there is a judgment about someone or something.

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As a result, how do you tell someone your opinion?

English Phrases for Giving Your Opinion

  • In my opinion…
  • I'd say…
  • Personally, I think/believe…
  • If you ask me…
  • The way I see it…
  • From my point of view…
  • Besides, what is your idea about opinion? An opinion is a belief or judgment that falls short of absolute conviction, certainty, or positive knowledge; it is a conclusion that certain facts, ideas, etc., are probably true or likely to prove so: political opinions; an opinion about art; In my opinion this is true.

    In all cases, how do you ask about an opinion?

    Asking for Opinions

  • Do you think … ?
  • How do you feel about … ?
  • In your opinion, … ?
  • Please tell me your opinion on …
  • What do you think about … ?
  • What's your opinion on … ?
  • What is your opinion answer?


  • I think that....
  • I believe that....
  • As for me, I think/believe that....
  • In my opinion,
  • If you ask me,
  • From my perspective,
  • In my view,
  • It is my understanding that....
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    What are examples of opinions?

    The definition of an opinion is a belief, impression, judgment or prevailing view held by a person. An example of opinion is the San Francisco Giants are the best baseball team. An example of opinion is purple is the best color. An example of opinion is capitalism is better than socialism.

    How do I use my opinion?

    We use phrases such as in my opinion, in your opinion, in Peter's opinion to show whose opinion we are referring to: In Maria's opinion, we paid too much. We often introduce ideas, especially in writing, with the phrase in my opinion: In my opinion, there are too many cars on the road with just one person in them.

    How do I write my own opinion?

    The Best Way to Offer An Opinion On Anything
  • First, make sure that the situation warrants an opinion. ...
  • Ask yourself if you're the best person for the job. ...
  • Start by listening politely. ...
  • Think before you speak. ...
  • Make sure you have all the facts. ...
  • Say what you think in a detailed, straightforward manner. ...
  • Use “I” statements.
  • How do you write an opinion?

    Opinion Essay: How to Write It Right
  • Be strong and confident. ...
  • Consider your audience when writing. ...
  • Use a formal style, as you are writing an academic paper. ...
  • Don't make excuses for your point of view. ...
  • List all reasons and supporting evidence. ...
  • Use expressions to state your opinion.
  • What is an opinion for kids?

    definition 1: what one thinks about something or somebody; viewpoint. An opinion is not necessarily based on facts. Feelings and experiences usually help a person form an opinion.

    What is an opinion discuss?

    An opinion is a judgement, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive, rather than facts, which are true statements.

    Is an opinion a feeling?

    Opinions = Disconnection and Defensiveness Simple. If the statement “I feel….” is followed by an actual emotion and not another word, it's a true feeling. On the flip side, if “I feel…” is followed by “like” or “that”, it's an opinion.

    How do you say your opinion?

    • In my opinion, ... In my eyes, ...
    • To my mind, ... As far as I am concerned, ... ...
    • From my point of view, ... ...
    • My view / opinion / belief / impression / conviction is that ... ...
    • I would say that ... ...
    • My impression is that ... ...
    • I have the feeling that ... ...
    • I have no doubt that ...

    What does my opinion mean?

    1 : a belief, judgment, or way of thinking about something : what someone thinks about a particular thing Why ask (for) my opinion if you have already decided? I value your opinion. [=I respect the way you think about things] See More Examples.

    What can I say instead of my opinion?

    7 Alternative Ways to Say “In my opinion”
    • To my mind. This is one of my favorites, so I put it at the top of the list. ...
    • As I see it. We all see things in different ways, which is why we each have our own viewpoints and our own perspectives. ...
    • I think. ...
    • I believe. ...
    • It seems to me. ...
    • One can postulate. ...
    • If you ask me.

    What is an opinion essay?

    An opinion essay requires students to write their thoughts regarding a subject matter. Their point-of-view is backed by relevant examples and explanations. Before starting an opinion paper, it is important to study the definition, topics, requirements, and structure. Referring to examples is also highly useful.

    What is an honest opinion?

    Used to introduce or qualify a statement, as expressing one's own view, not one backed by external authority or to be accepted without question.

    What are 5 examples of opinions?

    Examples Of Opinion Statements
    • The cake tastes delicious.
    • She looks sad.
    • He is childish.
    • My history teacher hates me.
    • The movie was boring.
    • To solve traffic, it is better to invest in subways and trains than in road widening programs.
    • The TV shows in ABS-CBN are more entertaining than the shows of other channels.

    What is a good opinion?

    noungiving of praise; acclaim. PR. acclamation. approbation. approval.

    What are the three types of opinions?

    majority opinion, dissenting opinion, concurring opinions.

    Can we say opinions?

    Re: opinion vs opinions You would use "opinion" if you expect a single, clear opinion as an answer. You would use "opinions" if you expect a variety of answers from a person. Using the singular form would be more normal.

    How do you say your opinion in an essay?

    In an academic essay, these phrases will probably be too informal because they are too personal.
  • “In my opinion, + [your sentence]”
  • “I believe that + [your sentence]”
  • “In my mind, + [your sentence]”
  • “It would seem that + [your sentence]”
  • “It could be argued that + [your sentence]”
  • “This suggests that + [your sentence]”
  • How do you write an opinion paragraph?

    Guidelines for writing an opinion paragraph.
  • Begin with a topic sentence that clearly states your topic and opinion about this topic.
  • Provide strong reasons that explain, or support, your opinion.
  • Give details that explain each reason. ...
  • Let the audience hear your voice.
  • What is opinion writing?

    Opinion writing is “. . . an elementary type of argument in which students give reasons for their opinions and preferences. Because reasons are required, such writing helps prepare students for drafting the arguments they will be expected to create beginning in grade 6” (p.

    What are some good opinion topics?

    150 Opinion Essay Topics Divided by Subject
    • Should minors vote?
    • Law should be equal for everyone.
    • Gun control is political control instrument.
    • Is United States foreign policy efficient?
    • Ways that help eliminate corruption.
    • Political leaders should rely on technology.
    • Should government control religious practices?

    How do you write an opinion for kids?

    What is an opinion 1st grade?

    “Opinion” means to tell others what you think about something. For example, “It is my opinion that chocolate ice cream is the best flavor.” But not everyone will have the same opinion. (Ask students….

    What is a professional opinion?

    Professional Opinion means an advice given by the head of a procurement function to the accounting officer of a procuring entity in respect of a procurement matter; Sample 1.

    What is an example of opinion in a sentence?

    Opinion sentence example. You're the second person to ask me for my opinion on something. In my opinion they are all criminals. Prince Vasili expressed his opinion more openly.

    What are some examples of opinion writing?

    What are some examples of opinion writing?
    • Opinion: Dogs make great pets.
    • Reason: Dog are very friendly and social animals.
    • Supporting Detail: They are always there to welcome you when you come home after a long day.

    What is the difference between opinion and advice?

    Advice is based on knowledge, experience or industry expertise; whereas an opinion is based on what someone thinks, not what they know.

    What are feelings and opinions about someone or something?

    These words refer to a feeling or opinion about something or someone. Attitude is often used with words like good, bad, positive, or negative to refer to the overall way a person or group thinks about and often behaves toward something. ...

    What are feelings based on?

    Originating in the neocortical regions of the brain, feelings are sparked by emotions and shaped by personal experiences, beliefs, memories, and thoughts linked to that particular emotion. Strictly speaking, a feeling is the side product of your brain perceiving an emotion and assigning a certain meaning to it [7].

    How do you say I agree with your opinion?

    Expressing agreement
  • I agree with you 100 percent.
  • I couldn't agree with you more.
  • That's so true.
  • That's for sure.
  • (slang) Tell me about it!
  • You're absolutely right.
  • Absolutely.
  • That's exactly how I feel.