What is Yoda's Midichlorian count?

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T###Obi-Wan Kenobi's Midi-chlorian count is around 13,000, Yoda's clocks in at 17,700, and Darth Sidious is estimated to be about 20,000. Anakin Skywalker is said to have had the largest Midi-chlorian count in Jedi history, which is around 28,000 to 30,000, with George Lucas insinuating it could be as high as 40,000.

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Yet, do Midichlorians exist in real life?

Of course, they were named after the Star Wars invention. In 2006, a lab in Milan, Italy, discovered a new type of bacteria that lives inside the mitochondrial organelles of ticks — a new depth of symbiosis never observed before. ... So, yes, midichlorians are indeed bacteria. Technically.

Otherwise, do Midichlorians cause the Force? The way you interact and interface with this larger energy field [the Force] is through the midi-chlorians, which are sensitive to the energy. They are at the core of your life, which is the cell, the living cell. They are in a symbiotic relationship with the cell. ... That's how you deal with the Force.”

One way or the other, what was Grogu blood used for?

Firstly, that Grogu's blood will be used to create someone or something that is extremely powerful. Secondly, the choice of the word "order" feels like very deliberate phrasing, given the gradual teasing of the Empire's transformation into the First Order across The Mandalorian.

Are Midichlorians evil?

Midichlorians can be measured in a rapid blood test, the concentration of which determines one's potential. ... Midichlorians are all powerful and devoutly respected but are apolitical, neither good nor evil.

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Where are Midichlorians stored?

Midi-chlorians are stored in blood cells and are what is measured in the “Jedi blood test”. Lucas has stated the average midi-chlorian count is about 2,500.

Is the Force real?

The force allows fictional characters to levitate, move inanimate objects with their minds, and a host of other powers that are nearly impossible for us to comprehend. ... It doesn't exist exactly the way it's portrayed in Star Wars, but the force is very real.

How many Midichlorians did Luke Skywalker have?

Anakin's midi chlorian count is 20000. palpatine has 19000. luke has 15000. still he is the most powerful star wars character ever.

Does the Mandalorian have Midichlorians?

In one key scene, Qui-Gon Jinn tested Anakin Skywalker's blood to get a sense of his Force-sensitivity. He was astounded to learn that Anakin had a midi-chlorian count higher than any Jedi, even higher than Master Yoda.

How many Midichlorians does Darth Vader have?

Anikan Skywalker, the Choosen One, possessed the highest known count in galactic history—over 20,000 midi-chlorians—surpassing the potential of all the Jedi including Grand Master Yoda. Darth Vader (after falling in the molten pit) = 13,000.

What did Moff Gideon want with Grogu?

Pair that with his obsession with capturing Grogu as a midi-chlorian "donor," and it's very possible that he's hoping to transfer the Child's Force abilities to himself and become a full-fledged Sith to restore the Dark Side and the Empire in the aftermath of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine's deaths.

Can mandalorians be Force sensitive?

Like all other beings in the universe, Mandalorians can indeed be Force sensitive, although they are not tested, which explains the small number of confirmed Force sensitive Mandalorians.

How strong is Grogu?

How powerful is Grogu? Well, the full extent of Grogu's powers is unknown at this moment. We know he has an incredibly high midi-chlorian count and he has already shown to be able to do amazing things for his age (in the context of his race) and size.

Is Padme force sensitive?

No, Padmé was not Force-sensitive, or at least, she was not strong enough to merit recruitment into the Jedi Order. She is implied to have a small level of strength that contributed to her marksmanship and intuition as a politician, but that's a far cry from the full abilities of a Jedi.

Did George Lucas create Midichlorians?

Midichlorians may have first appeared in The Phantom Menace, but George Lucas had them planned since the very start of Star Wars.

Do Star Wars fans like Midichlorians?

Disney was well-aware of how fans reacted to Midichlorians, and by and large, Star Wars has ignored Midichlorians ever since George Lucas introduced them in the prequels. ... One fan even said, “Honestly I think this was the best possible way to bring Midichlorians back.

Are Midichlorians important?

Midichlorians are deeply important to the Star Wars story precisely because they make no sense. It forces us to question our interpretation of something we thought we've understood for years yet have only scratched the surface of what it all means.

Why does Anakin have so many Midichlorians?

It was only after Anakin was born in 41 BBY that Gardulla lost Shmi and the child to Watto in a pod-racing bet. ... Qui-Gon theorized that Anakin was conceived by midi-chlorians—microscopic organisms that help Jedi connect to the Force. This would explain Anakin's unusually high midi-chlorian count.

Is the force God?

The Force is not god and it's not a judge of good or evil. Those are creations of mortals, not a higher power watching over them. Like many things in the Star Wars universe, the answer to this question depends a lot on your own point of view.