What is the opposite of divertido in Spanish?

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divertido. Antónimos: triste, aburrido.

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In any manner, what is the opposite of Delgado in Spanish?

Adjective. ▲ (fat) Opposite of composed of a notably small degree of body fat. fat. chubby.

Even if, what is a Gordo? gordo adjetivo fat; thick; fatty, greasy, oily; unpleasant.

Similar, what is the opposite of Guapo in Spanish?

Guapo refers to the Spanish adjective meaning handsome or good-looking. As a Spanish word, it has no antonyms in English, but one could use the Spanish antonym "feo."

What is divertido?

British English: entertaining /ˌɛntəˈteɪnɪŋ/ ADJECTIVE. Something that is entertaining is amusing or interesting.

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What is the opposite of Generosa?


What is the opposite of Rica?

Rica is the feminine form of the Spanish adjective rico, meaning rich. Here's a list of antonyms for rich....What is the opposite of rica?poorimpoverished

What is the opposite of joven in Spanish?

The opposite of "young" is "old."Lo contrario de "joven" es "viejo".

What is the opposite of Timida in Spanish?

updated . posted by cristalino. 0. votes. Extrovertido.

What do the word Punta mean?

punta sustantivo tip, end; point (of a weapon or pencil); point, headland; bunch, lot.

Is Gordo an insult?

In some Latin American countries, people will refer to their boyfriend or girlfriend as gordo or gorda even if he is nothing but skin and bones. In this sense, gordo is simply a term of endearment.

Does El Guapo mean?

GUAPO. Guapo is a word that trips up a lot of visitors to the Dominican Republic. Most people are used to this adjective meaning that someone is handsome or good-looking.

What is a Blanquita?

(very informal) feminine noun (Caribbean) cocaine. You may also like.

Is Guapo a compliment?

Guapo is a word which, in some countries, when applied to men, means aggressive and prone to fighting, and is best avoided (for women, too). Bella is the highest compliment to any woman. Bonito is not used to describe a person's appearance because it refers to a fish. Lindo is mostly used, as someone said, for kids.

What does Palo mean in Spanish slang?

The word PALO includes many meanings and phrases tied to it. ... Check it out. PALO generically refers to a stick, like a broom stick, a pool stick or baseball bat-type stick. However, PALO may also refer to the soccer goal posts.

What does tranquilo mean in Spanish slang?

"Tranquilo" (with one "l"), like the others said, means "tranquil" or "calm" in English.