What is SM stand for?

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SMStatute Mile
SMSocial Media
SMSingle Mode
SMSmall (size)

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As well, what does SM mean after a word?

The symbols TM and SM are often used too. TM stands for trademark ("Trade Mark") and SM for service mark ("Service Mark").

In any manner, what does SM stand for in psychology? abbreviation for secondary memory.

Ergo, what does SM stand for in medical terms?

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AbbreviationMeaning SB.saving bank
SMmultiple sclerosis (from Latin sclerosis multiplex) submucosal Skeletal Muscle
SMAsequential multiple analysis superior mesenteric artery spinal muscle atrophy
SMA-6six-channel serum multiple analysis
SMA-7serum metabolic assay

What does SM mean in email?

SM, meaning service mark, does the same thing for the services you provide. Having an SM by your name tells people the service mark exists.

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What does SM mean copyright?

What does SM mean? SM stands for service mark (often seen in superscript like this: SM). It functions similarly to the TM symbol, in that it is used to provide notice of a claim of common law rights in a mark, but it is used in connection with a service.

What does SM stand for on Logo?

A service mark or servicemark is a trademark used in the United States and several other countries to identify a service rather than a product. When a service mark is federally registered, the standard registration symbol ยฎ or "Reg U.S. Pat & TM Off" may be used (the same symbol is used to mark registered trademarks).

What does SM mean on twitter?

SM = Social Media.

What is the meaning of sad ism?

Definition of sadism 1 : the derivation of sexual gratification from the infliction of physical pain or humiliation on another person โ€” compare masochism, sadomasochism. 2a : delight in cruelty. b : extreme cruelty.

What is SM computer?

SM Stands For : Smart Media, Storage Manager, See Message, Scheduler Message, Set Mode, Shared Memory, Small Machine, Software Modem, Spell Menu, Super Mini, System Manager, Shell Model, Simple Mainloop, Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer), Script (ScriptMaker), Smalltalk language source code file, Text document (Samna Word)

What does SM mean in banking?

SM: Branch manager.

What does SA stand for in mental health?

Mental Health and Substance Abuse

What does the medical abbreviation tab mean?

type and screen (blood; e.g., to prepare for blood transfusion) Tab. Tablet (pharmacy)

What is the symbol for without?

w/o โ€“ โ€œwithoutโ€

What does SM mean in college?

A Master of Science (Latin: Magisterii Scientiae; abbreviated MS, M.S., MSc, M.Sc., SM, S.M., ScM or Sc. M.) is a master's degree in the field of science awarded by universities in many countries or a person holding such a degree.

What is a sm vs TM?

The difference is simple. "TM" stands for trade mark. If your company sells goods, then you would use "TM" beside logos that do not have federal trademark registration. "SM" stands for service mark. If your company provides services, then you would use "SM" beside logos that do not have federal trademark registration.

When can you use registered trademark?

You may use the registration symbol anywhere around the trademark, although most trademark owners use the symbol in a superscript or subscript manner to the right of the trademark. You may only use the registration symbol with the trademark for the goods or services listed in the federal trademark registration.

Do I need a service mark?

Service marks identify a brand and the quality associated with it. They are important in preventing theft of intellectual property and are critical for a business to have.

How do I insert SM symbol in Word?

How to Input Trademark Symbols. There are many keyboard shortcuts you can use to enter a โ„ข, SM, or ยฎ mark. You may also copy and paste these symbols from other sources or use superscripting in Microsoft Word โ€” either manually in the toolbar or with hotkey Ctrl + Shift + Keypad + โ€” to create โ„ข and SM.

What does SM mean in clothing?

SM/P/P means size Small!

Does SM mean small?

SM stands for Small (size)

What does MXM mean on Instagram?

Mxm: The clicking of one's tongue to show attitude.

What is the full form of PM in computer?

In chat, PM is short for private message or personal message and is a message only sent between you and another user.

What is SM account?

SM Accounts means all Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other social media accounts.

Why is there a hold on my savings account?

Your bank might have several reasons for placing a hold on funds you deposited into your account. ... The bank can also hold a deposit if it has reason to believe that the check is fraudulent or suspicious. If your account has a history of overdrafts, your bank can hold deposits for a longer period of time, too.

How do you get a hold removed from a deposit?

Even if there is a hold, however, you should have $200 available the next business day after you made the deposit at your bank. Call your bank anytime you encounter a hold that seems excessive. You can call your local branch.

What is the abbreviation for bipolar disorder?

BP. Bipolar disorder (BP) is often a misunderstood mental disorder.

What does AD mean in mental health?

Adjustment disorders are stress-related conditions. You experience more stress than would normally be expected in response to a stressful or unexpected event, and the stress causes significant problems in your relationships, at work or at school.

What does CPC stand for in mental health?

Behavioral Health and the Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) Initiative: findings from the 2014 CPC behavioral health survey.

Does TX mean treatment?

(medicine) Treatment or therapy. Texas.