What is an example of an equivalent expression?

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Two expressions are said to be equivalent if they have the same value irrespective of the value of the variable(s) in them. Example 1: Are the two expressions 2y+5yβˆ’5+8 and 7y+3 equivalent?

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And, how do you find an equivalent expression?

Equal, how do you write an expression? To write an expression, we often have to interpret a written phrase. For example, the phrase β€œ 6 added to some number” can be written as the expression x + 6, where the variable x represents the unknown number.

Even if, how do you simplify equivalent expressions?

What is equivalent expression?

Equivalent expressions are expressions that work the same even though they look different. If two algebraic expressions are equivalent, then the two expressions have the same value when we plug in the same value(s) for the variable(s).

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What are two ways to write equivalent algebraic expressions?

3(x + 3) and 3x + 9 are equivalent expressions, because the value of both the expressions remains same for any value of x. The expressions 6(x 2 + y + 2) and 6x2 + 6y + 12 are equivalent expressions and can also be written as 6(x2 + y + 2) = 6x2 + 6y + 12.

What expression is equivalent to 100000?

Answer: The expression that is equivalent to 100,000 is C. .

How do you find expressions?

To evaluate an algebraic expression means to find the value of the expression when the variable is replaced by a given number. To evaluate an expression, we substitute the given number for the variable in the expression and then simplify the expression using the order of operations.

What is equivalent calculator?

Equivalent Expression Calculator is a free online tool that displays the equivalent expressions for the given algebraic expression. BYJU'S online equivalent expression calculator tool makes the calculations and simplification faster and it displays the equivalent expression in a fraction of seconds.

What is a basic expression?

BASIC Expression: An expression can be variable or constant or combination of them. Operator: An operator is a symbol or sign that specifies the certain operation to be carried out with given data or operand. For example c= a + b, where '=' and '+' are operators. ... In above example a and b are operands.

What is a good sentence for expression?

He uses some very odd expressions. The expression β€œto make fun of” means β€œto ridicule.” Judging from her expression, I think the gift was a complete surprise. We saw his expression change from angry to sad.

What is 3x 2 as an expression?

In the first term, 3x 2, 3 is being multiplied by the variable, so 3 is a coefficient. In the second term, 7x, 7 is being multiplied by the variable, so 7 is a coefficient.

How do you simplify division?

How can you solve problems involving equivalent expressions?

To solve equivalent equations, follow these five steps: Step 1 - Use the distributive property, if necessary. Step 2 - Combine like terms on the same side of the equal sign, if needed. Step 3 - Collect the variable being solved for on the same side of the equation.

How do you expand and simplify expressions?

To expand a bracket means to multiply each term in the bracket by the expression outside the bracket. For example, in the expression 3 ( m + 7 ) , multiply both and 7 by 3, so: 3 ( m + 7 ) = 3 Γ— m + 3 Γ— 7 = 3 m + 21 .