What is a disenfranchised person?

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The adjective disenfranchised describes a person or group of people who are stripped of their power, like disenfranchised post-Civil War African Americans who were deprived of their right to vote even after being freed from slavery.

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In addition, what does it mean to feel disenfranchised?

Enfranchise means to give someone the right to vote. Disenfranchise means to take it away. ... Being disenfranchised can make you feel like you don't belong or that you have no power.

Not only that, what is another word for disenfranchised? What is another word for disenfranchised?


Otherwise, which of the following is an example of disenfranchisement?

Felons who are no longer allowed to vote in elections are an example of people who would be described as disenfranchised. Disenfranchised is defined as the act of having taken away someone's right to vote, or of having deprived the person of their privileges or rights.

What is a disenfranchised student?

In short, any student who is facing struggles for which assistance exists through established programs and services but does not qualify for or does not know how to access that assistance is disenfranchised.

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How do you use disenfranchise in a sentence?

disenfranchise in a sentence
  • The issue is disenfranchising a large segment of the voting public,
  • He is no longer disenfranchised; he has position and voice.
  • I got to go and deal with those who are disenfranchised.
  • Call him the congressman who would disenfranchise a group of voters.
  • What word means having the right to vote?

    suffrage; voting right; right to vote; vote.

    What's the opposite of marginalized?

    What is the opposite of marginalized?elevatedpraised

    What is a synonym for minority?

    In this page you can discover 31 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for minority, like: the outvoted, the-few, less than half, the outnumbered, majority, splinter-group, the losing side, pupilage, group, color and opposition.

    What is the synonym of disadvantages?

    SYNONYMS FOR disadvantage 1 drawback, inconvenience, hindrance. 4 detriment, hurt, harm, damage.

    What is it called when you take away someone's rights?

    To disenfranchise is defined as to take away someone's right to vote or to deprive someone of power, rights and privileges.

    Which of the following best defines disenfranchisement?

    Which of the following best defines disenfranchisement? To deprive someone of the right to vote.

    What does disenfranchise mean in government?

    Government, Politics & Diplomacy) to deprive (a person) of the right to vote or other rights of citizenship. 2. ( Government, Politics & Diplomacy) to deprive (a place) of the right to send representatives to an elected body. 3. ( Commerce) to deprive (a business concern, etc) of some privilege or right.

    What deprive means?

    transitive verb. 1 : to take something away from deprived him of his professorshipโ€” J. M. Phalen the risk of injury when the brain is deprived of oxygen. 2 : to withhold something from deprived a citizen of her rights.

    How do you use equality in a sentence?

    Equality sentence examples
  • In 1828 the free people of colour in the colonies were placed on a footing of legal equality with their fellow-citizens. ...
  • He introduced the sign (=) for equality, and the terms binomial and residual. ...
  • The two expressions whose equality is stated by an equation or an identity are its members.
  • What's another word for marginalization?

    alienation, disempowerment, marginalized, disenfranchisement, exclusion, neglect.

    What is a marginalized person?

    When you push people to the edge of society by not allowing them a place within it, you marginalize them. A society that labels certain people as outside the norm โ€” weird, scary, hateful, or useless โ€” marginalizes those people, edging them out. ...

    What is a better word for marginalized?

    Marginalize Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus....What is another word for marginalize?diminishdemean