What does above the fold mean in business?

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Above-the-Fold is a term that refers to the top portion of a web page that is visible without scrolling. This concept originates from the newspaper industry, where the term refers to all of the content that's visible in the top section of a folded newspaper.

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On top of, what should be above the fold on a website?

'Above the fold' refers to the section of your site that first greets users when they land on a page. The content above the fold is the header, text, imagery, or video that's visible before users have to scroll. Ideally, it should convey what an organization does and its associated benefits.

One may also ask, what is above the fold in email? Above the fold is the content that you can see instantly after opening a newsletter or website on any device without any additional effort. ... In email design, the above-the-fold area is about 350 pixels high and 650 pixels wide. This is the area that your subscribers see first after clicking opening any message.

Right, what is above and below the fold?

A holdover from newspaper publishing, the term 'below the fold' was coined when there was an actual physical fold in the middle of the page. 'Above the fold' was anything on the top half and 'below the fold' was anything underneath. ... In the 1990s as publishing moved onto the web, the term 'below the fold' remained.

What does above the fold mean in digital?

Above the fold is the upper half of the front page of a newspaper or tabloid where an important news story or photograph is often located. ... Above the fold is sometimes used in web development to refer the portions of a webpage that are visible without further scrolling or clicking.

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What does above the fold mean why does it matter in search in general to a website?

Above the fold for a website refers to the content a viewer sees before they scroll down. It's prime real estate that receives the most attention from your visitors because it's the first thing they see, which is why it should immediately pull the reader in.

Does above fold still matter?

The simple answer is yes, but not for the same reasons it once was. When it comes to the design of your website, you do need to place extra attention above the fold, but only in the sense that the top of your page should clearly explain your value proposition and also entice users to continue scrolling.

Why is above the fold important?

Content layout and placement is important because content that appears above the fold is what is first visible when a user loads the page. ... When it comes to advertising, placing ads above the fold improves their visibility and generates more ad revenue than ads that are placed in less visible locations.

Does Below the fold matter?

Furthermore, there are multiple studies that show how elements placed below the fold attract similar (or higher in some cases) user attention, compared to elements placed above the fold. “Positions slightly below the fold between 600 and 1000 pixels typically have both high viewership and high engagement” — Chartbeat.

Where is the fold in emails?

Our current take on this longstanding marketing assumption is: It depends. Just like everything else in email marketing, huh? The fold exists to some extent, but it's moved down below the physical constraints of our device screens. However, people still tend to spend more time higher up on a page or email.

What does the fold mean in relation to drafting an email?

For email and web design alike, “above the fold,” is still used to indicate relative importance—and also acknowledges the shrinking attention spans of readers today. ...

Where does the term above the fold come from?

The concept of above the fold goes back centuries, to the beginnings of the printing press. Newspapers, due to the way they were printed on large sheets of paper, were folded once they hit the news-stands. This led to only the top half of the paper is visible to the passer-by.

Does the fold exist?

No editor was ever concerned that readers would not know that opening a newspaper would reveal more content. ... Most of our clients' target audiences have probably never even opened a newspaper. The fold does not exist for them, and it never did. The only ones for whom the fold does exist are a site's content managers.

What is above the fold CSS?

Above-the-fold content is the portion of the webpage that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads. Google wants to see inline CSS extracted from your main CSS file and injected into the head tag, allowing everything you see first to be loaded first.

What is above the fold in SEO?

What is above-the-fold SEO? “Above the fold” basically means how Google (and users) see your content when your page loads and without having to scroll. The “fold” refers to the invisible line dividing the content you see before scrolling, and the content you see after you start scrolling down the page.

How do you optimize above the fold?

Using a responsive design that automatically adjusts to fit the device helps to ensure the area above the fold is optimized across platforms. However, for many websites, it's best practice to design for the mobile version first to make sure the area above the fold looks as good as possible.

What is above the fold size?

Today, the “fold” in “above the fold” no longer refers to the actual fold in a newspaper. Instead, when you see publications talking about the “fold” in online media, they are now referring to the bottom of a browser window, which is usually approximately 600 pixels from the top of the page.

What is above the fold on mobile?

This is where things get a little more interesting; the “above the fold” methodology is a part of website design as well. In the digital world, it refers to the visible section of the page that does not require scrolling. The end goal is to encourage visitors to check out the rest of the page's material.

Does above the fold matter on mobile?

“The fold matters because what appears at the top of your page matters. Users do scroll, but only if what's above the fold is promising enough. “What is visible on the page without requiring any action is what encourages us to scroll.”

What is the technique called above the fold How is it related to the websites?

Above the fold is an important principle in web design. It describes the part of a website that can be seen directly under the page's call to action. Even though most studies now assume that users (to a certain extent) are used to scrolling, many marketers are convinced that important content still belongs at the top.

What does it mean to keep the main message and call to action above the fold?

Online, above the fold is the content that displays on a site without requiring the visitor to scroll. Once again, the idea is that this content gets the most attention. The best practice states that your call to action must be above the fold because visitors do not typically scroll beyond the fold.

Do people scroll past the fold?

Summary: People scroll vertically more than they used to, but new eyetracking data shows that they will still look more above the page fold than below it. Share this article: People's behaviors are fairly stable and usability guidelines rarely change over time.

What is Website fold?

Against this, the headline stands out well, and the subheadline subtly underlines two key benefits for readers. There's also a clear and visible call to action, with a subtle arrow inviting readers to scroll down if they still want more info. In the case of this above the fold design, minimalism works! 8.

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