What do we use iTunes card for?

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You can use an App Store & iTunes gift card for purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, or Apple TV app. Think of it as credit for virtual products. App Store & iTunes gift cards credit your Apple ID balance, so you can use them for movies, games, apps, books, music, and TV shows.

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Similar, can iTunes cards be used for cash?

iTunes gift cards aren't redeemable for cash unless required by law.

By the way, why would a scammer want iTunes cards? The reason why scammers ask for iTunes Gift Cards is simple: The codes are hard to trace — and once they have it they can resell to get money. They use a variety of ways to coerce money out of victims: They might say there's a warrant out for the victim's arrest for IRS debt, or a love interest might need money abroad.

Though, how do I claim money on iTunes?

How to request a refund

  • Go to reportaproblem.apple.com.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Tap or click "I'd like to."
  • Choose "Request a refund."
  • Choose the reason why you want a refund, then choose Next.
  • Choose the item or items that you bought, then choose Submit.
  • How do I convert iTunes money to real money?

    Gameflip is the safest way to sell iTunes gift cards for cash. Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted iTunes gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

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    Can an iTunes card be used for Internet?

    iTunes cards won't do that, they only let you buy things on the iTunes store which isn't Internet service. You have to already have Internet service to do anything on the store. Telling people they need an iTunes card for paying for something is a practice used by scammers, by the way.

    Which gift card has the highest rate in Nigeria?

    Macy's gift cards are popular in Nigeria and they are one of the gift cards that offer the highest rates.

    Can you delete songs from iTunes?

    Or on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, press and hold the item that you want to delete. Tap or click Remove. From the menu that appears, choose Remove or Remove Download. Or choose "Delete from Library" to remove the item from all devices that you use with Apple Music.

    How do I get my money back from Apple pay if scammed?

    What to do if you were scammed via Apple Pay?
  • Find the transaction to the scammers in the Wallet & Apple Pay app.
  • Tap the transaction entry to cancel it.
  • Contact your bank's technical support with the scam's details.
  • Request your bank cancel the payment.
  • Can I transfer iTunes credit to bank account?

    Is there any way to transfer iTunes credit to cash or credit to my bank account? No, there is no way to do this. You can buy iTunes credits with your credit card, but unfortunately, you can't transfer money from iTunes to a bank account.

    How much is on my iTunes card?

    To check your iTunes gift card balance: Call 1-800-MY-APPLE. Check online at www.apple.com/go/gcb/us. Log in to the iTunes Store app on your Apple or PC device.

    Do iTunes gift cards expire?

    App Store & iTunes Gift Cards and Apple Music Gift Cards don't expire, but content codes do.

    What is a gift card used for?

    A gift card is a form of payment that can be used to make purchases at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other locations. You load money onto the card, which you or the gift card's recipient can then spend at accepted locations. Some prepaid gift cards charge a fee to purchase them.

    How much is $50 Google Play Card in Nigeria money?

    Currently, your $50 physical Google Play card is 15,500 Naira while the E-code is 12,500 Naira. You rest assured of the best rates whenever you are ready to trade as the rates fluctuate regularly because of the market.

    Which gift card is expensive now?

    Footlocker Gift card It has to be the most expensive gift card at the moment. The demand for this gift card is very high but the supply is low. This makes for a high resale value. You can sell a Footlocker gift card for about 32000-35000 Naira.

    How much is Sephora gift card $100 in Nigeria Money?

    Sephora Gift Card $100 SEPHORA right now can be sold for about 35,000 naira to 45,000 naira.

    How much is $200 steam card in Nigeria?

    Meaning your $200 physical card is worth 69,000 Naira.

    How do I redeem an iTunes gift card in Mexico?

    Follow the provided instructions to redeem your 300 MXN iTunes card code:
  • Open up the iTunes app on your device;
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen;
  • Press the Redeem option;
  • Manually enter the code;
  • Tap Redeem on the right corner;
  • Enjoy your purchase!
  • Does India use iTunes card?

    There aren't any iTunes Store gift cards intended for India. You can biy iTunes Store content, but it needs to be paid for with a credit or debit card. An iTunes gift card is a physical item.

    How do I remove my debit card from Apple?

    Open the Settings app. Tap your name. Tap Payment & Shipping....You might be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.
  • To add a payment method, tap Add Payment Method.
  • To update a payment method, tap the payment method, then edit your information. ...
  • To remove a payment method, tap Edit, then tap the Delete button.
  • How do I stop Apple billing?

    Cancel Apple Music subscription on Android
  • Open the Apple Music app on your Android phone.
  • Select the menu icon.
  • Tap on Account or your name to visit your account settings. ...
  • Tap Manage Membership.
  • Tap Cancel Subscription, then tap Confirm.
  • Is Apple Pay safer than debit card?

    Apple Pay is designed with your security and privacy in mind, making it a simpler and more secure way to pay than using your physical credit, debit, and prepaid cards. ... Apple doesn't store or have access to the original credit, debit, or prepaid card numbers that you use with Apple Pay.