What county is Salt Fork Lodge in?

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RT###Cambridge - OH - Guernsey County

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One way or the other, is Salt Fork Lodge open?

Salt Fork Lake is open.

That being so, can you swim in Salt Fork Lake? Swimming and Boating Salt Fork State Park is the perfect destination for water fun. It has one of the largest inland beaches in Ohio, spanning 2,500 feet. ... A beautiful view of Salt Fork Lake on the beach.

All the same, how many acres is Salt Fork?

17,229 acres

Is Salt Fork Lake man made?

The lake was created in 1967 for recreation and water conservation by impounding Salt Fork Creek. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Recreation, and Division of Wildlife administer Salt Fork Lake and Salt Fork State Park. DNR allows boats of unlimited horsepower on the lake.

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What kind of fish are in Salt Fork Lake?

Salt Fork Lake provides angling opportunities for those who seek largemouth bass, walleye, channel catfish, muskellunge, crappie, and various species of sunfish. Flathead catfish, smallmouth bass, and white bass are also present, but provide a more limited sport fishing option.

How much does it cost to camp at Salt Fork State Park?

We enjoyed our time at Salt Fork! Site F6 required a little leveling but G46 was level. The park is huge with a marina, lodge, hiking trails, equestrian trails, 5 spacious campgrounds and an expansive lake....ā€œSpacious sites!ā€Nightly rate:$33
Days stayed:4
Site Number:F6 & G46

Which Ohio state parks have cabins?

Week-long stays may be required at some locations during the summer months. Pet-friendly cabins are offered at the following state parks: Buck Creek, Burr Oak, Cowan Lake, Dillon, Hueston Woods, Hocking Hills, Lake Hope, Maumee Bay, Mohican, Pike Lake, Punderson, Pymatuning, Salt Fork and Shawnee.