What countries can you be royalty in BitLife?

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The countries with royalty in BitLife are the following:

  • Belgium.
  • Denmark.
  • Japan.
  • Jordan.
  • Kuwait.
  • Malaysia.
  • Monaco.
  • Morocco.

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Right, what is the royalty update in BitLife?

The Royalty Update is a major update that happened on the 7th of September 2020. It added the ability to hold royal titles in monarchies all over the world. Here's the full list of new things in this update: Hold hundreds of royal titles in monarchies all over the world.

Not to mention, can you date a royal in BitLife? To marry into royalty in BitLife, you will need to get access to a member of the royal family. This can be done in a couple of different ways. One is that you can use the Love and dating option to randomly find someone who is part of the family. ... They will ask you out and you can date them that way.

Forbye, how do I become super rich in BitLife?

Here's a quick look at how you do it:

  • Go to a Casino (stick to the same one each time)
  • Place the highest bet you can (the bet grows as you win more money)
  • Play the hand.
  • If you win, leave the casino (this basically "saves" your win)
  • What's the oldest you can live in BitLife?

    A character can be a baby from age 0-2, a small short-haired child from age 3-7, an older child and teen with longer hair from 8-20, an adult from 21-64, or an elder from age 65+.

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    What is God mode in BitLife?

    Launched on Android: It is a feature in BitLife that let you edit anyone's name, looks, and stats in the game and be able to change this as many times as you want, excluding skin colour.

    How long does God mode last in BitLife?

    However, do keep in mind that once you purchase this pack, it remains active for 14 days. So make full use of this mod for the next two weeks, before it expires.

    What is gender dysphoria in BitLife?

    However, as gender dysphoria is now a thing in the BitLife universe, you will see, every once in a while, that your character may not be comfortable with their birth gender, even as a young child. ... However, there is something important to remember before choosing Transgender on your end in the Gender sub-menu.