What channel is 49ers game on Sunday?

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At least, what time is the 49ers Seahawks game on Sunday?

The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers are set to square off in an NFC West matchup at 4:25 p.m. ET Nov. 1 at CenturyLink Field.

Same, what time do the 49ers play today and what channel? The game will actually be played at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, due to COVID-19 rules recently enacted in the 49ers' home county, Santa Clara County, California....Monday, Dec. 7.

Bills at 49ers8:15 p.m.ESPN, fuboTV
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Next, how can I watch the Packers vs 49ers?

Today's Packers vs 49ers game is being shown on NFL Network, select Fox channels, and Amazon Prime, with kick-off scheduled for 8.20pm ET/5.20pm PT.

How can I watch the Seahawks game on Sunday?

WATCH: Over-The-Air, Cable & Satellite TV

  • CBS. Watch Seahawks games live on CBS. ...
  • FOX. Watch Seahawks games live on FOX. ...
  • Watch Seahawks games live, locally. Watch Sunday Night Football live on NBC. ...
  • ESPN. Watch Monday Night Football live on ESPN. ...
  • NFL Network. ...
  • NFL Red Zone. ...
  • DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. ...
  • Seahawks.com.
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    What time and channel is the Seahawks game on tonight?

    Arizona and Seattle both sit at 6-3 atop the division, as do the Rams, with the Cardinals holding the tiebreaker thanks to divisional record....Thursday, Nov. 19.GameTime (ET)TV channel
    Seahawks at Cardinals8:20 p.m.Fox, NFL Network, fuboTV

    What time and channel is the Seahawks game on tomorrow?

    Seahawks vs. Bills is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. ET, one of four regional early games on Fox.