What are photo tiles made of?

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These metal tiles are made out of high-quality aluminum, ensuring that Shutterfly quality photo printing and clarity you know and love.

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Same, how do photo tiles stick?

How do I stick a tile to the wall? ... Each tile comes with four small adhesive pads stuck to the back. Easily peel off the protective film on the four pads. Then simply press the tile onto the wall.

Furthermore there, what is a Snapfish photo tile? Starting at $8.99 It's never been easier to feature your favorite photos around your home! These foam tiles are lightweight and have beveled edges for a modern, clean design. Plus, there are self-adhesive magnets included for super easy hanging and repositioning. These are the perfect addition to any gallery wall!

Forbye, what is a Shutterfly photo tile?

Turn Photos Into Stickable Photo Tiles Printed on stunning, lightweight metal, Shutterfly's stickable photo tiles let you stick, rearrange, and restick your pictures without any hassle. Whether you're looking for an exciting piece of wall art or searching for a memorable gift, photo tiles are a perfect choice.

How many times can you Restick Mixtiles?

That's why we developed a special adhesive that lets you move, adjust, and re-stick your Mixtiles at least two dozen times, without ever damaging your walls. Go ahead, change it up with the seasons.

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What is cheaper than Mixtiles?

Mixtiles prints three photo tiles for $58 and each additional tile for $12 per piece. Photosquared is way cheaper; you only need to pay $48 for four photo tiles and $8 for each extra square. Vividly on matters pricing, Photosquared is the best alternative.

Are Mixtiles worth it?

Mixtiles makes it easy to select which of your photos you want printed via their Mixtiles app (Android, iOS). The app is pretty basic, but it's easy to use and does what it is supposed to do. The Mixtiles app currently has a 4.8-star rating on the app store from more than 10,000 reviews.

Do picture tiles damage walls?

No damage to your walls β€” which means no wasted money! Since Mixtiles go on and come off the wall so smoothly with their sticky backs, it leaves no damage to the wall.

How do you remove tile from a picture?

Do not remove the tiles by pulling them off from the wall directly if you already stuck them tightly. Please pull them off from the bottom of the tiles, or by slightly twist clockwise, then detach them from the wall gently.

How do I make a photo tile?

How long do Mixtiles take to ship?

about 3 days

How much does Mixtiles cost?

Mixtiles cost $49 for the first three, and $9 for every Mixtile thereafter. Shipping is free (although it's basically just built into the cost of the first three Mixtiles).

What are Shutterfly photo tiles made of?


How can I make my Mixtiles stick again?

Once you've ordered your tiles from the Mixtiles app or website, hanging them is a breezeβ€”just peel the backing off the adhesive mounting pads and press them into place on your wall wherever you think they'll look good.

Can you Restick Mixtiles?

Mixtiles stick and restick with a special adhesive on the back so that you don't need to use any nails or hammers. They leave no marks and cause no damage!

Do Mixtiles have frames?

Each tile is 8 inches by 8 inches and comes in a variety of frame choices. ... The real test is checking to see if the tiles leave any damage when you stick and unstick them on the wall. Each frame comes with a sticky strip on the back. Check out our review to see the Mixtiles in action!

How much do easy tiles cost?

Here's how it works. Additional 8x8-inch premium photo tiles are only $9 each. Order as many as you like. There's no minimum order. Pay only a small shipping charge of $7.99, no matter how many tiles you order.

How do you use Mixtiles?

How much does PhotoSquared cost?

The app is available for both Apple and Android platforms. PhotoSquared is a simple and beautiful way to style any space (and they make a great gift!). Squares costs just $9 each, and shipping is always free! The best part about these PhotoSquares is how simple it is to free your photos from your phone.

How many free prints do you get a month?

How many free prints can I order? You can order up to 45 FREE individual 6x4 (15x10cm) photo prints per calendar month, which means you can order up to 500 6x4 prints per year! You can even earn up to 17 bonus prints per month by inviting friends or family, and by sharing on Twitter.

Where is Mixtiles based?

Tel Aviv

Where are Mixtiles made?

Tel-Aviv, Israel

Do Mixtiles work on textured walls?

These can stick to textured walls, brick, glass and even wood. You download the app and you choose the photos to upload. Then you get to pick your Mixtiles style.