Is there a monthly fee for Echo 5?

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There is no monthly fee to use your Alexa/Echo device.

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Similarly, is there a monthly fee for Echo Show?

No, there's no monthly fee charged for Amazon Alexa. All you need is a stable WiFi connection to make your Echo work. However, having an Amazon Prime account gives you various benefits of using the Echo.

Else, can I FaceTime with Echo Show? The only way to video chat with someone is for the other person to also have an Echo Show. ... So to make this work on an IPHONE/Android is to download the "Alexa App" and have whoever has the the echo show to say "Alexa Call said Person" its going to ask if you want to call their mobile or Alexa app, Say Alex app.

Notwithstanding, can echo play 5 Netflix?

Netflix has to enable the support to play on smart home devices. If you have a regular Echo show or Echo show 5, it is impossible to stream Netflix.

Which Alexa should I buy in 2020?

  • Our pick. Amazon Echo (4th Gen) The best basic Alexa speaker. ...
  • Budget pick. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) A good Alexa speaker (if sound quality isn't as important) ...
  • Upgrade pick. Sonos One. The best Alexa speaker for whole-house music. ...
  • Also great. Ultimate Ears Megablast. ...
  • Also great. Marshall Stanmore II Voice.

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Can you watch TV on the Echo Show 5?

Best answer: Amazon Echo Show devices support live TV via Alexa skills such as Food Network, Bloomberg, and Hulu. You can also watch live TV with the addition of a Fire TV Recast device or directly on the Echo Show through Amazon's Silk or Mozilla's Firefox web browsers.

Do you need an Amazon account to use Echo Show 5?

You need an Amazon account to use Alexa, but you don't need Amazon Prime. Sign in on the app. ... Here you can add any number of Alexa-supported devices to your account, from smart lights to smart plugs.

Do you need an Amazon account for Echo show?

You can absolutely use a all of the Echo products, including but not limited to, the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show without purchasing a Prime membership.

Do I need a phone number for Echo Show?

The answer is no. There is no device called Echo Connect available from Amazon. You must have a valid cell phone number to link to the Echo Show.

Can I call Echo Show from my phone?

Alexa isn't the only one you can talk to through your Echo device. ... The Alexa app supports Alexa-to-Alexa calling on an iPhone with iOS 9.0 or higher, and an Android phone with Android 5.0 or higher. With an Echo Show, you can place and receive video calls.

Can you use echo without WIFI?

The Echo Dot relies on an internet connection to perform most of its features and functions. Without Wi-Fi, Alexa and the Echo Dot can't access or use Spotify, Google, or any other app. ... However, know that the Echo Dot will only use Wi-Fi when it needs access to retrieve or send data.

Is Echo Dot good for seniors?

The Echo Dot is the most affordable device and is a great choice for seniors who are looking to try Alexa without making a big investment. ... This compatibility makes it easy to use Alexa voice commands to adjust the heat in your home or to boost security for seniors.