Is New Paltz a good place to live?

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New Paltz has been, and continues to be, one of the most sought after towns in Ulster County to live, and was recently named one of the 12 Best Places to Live in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine.

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Along with that, how far is New Paltz from NYC?

about 80 miles

Add on, is New Paltz safe? Overall, though, it is a lovely, safe town with very very little violent crime. New Paltz is always busy, always crowded, and always annoying. Traffic is present even at the most calm times of day, and getting from one end of the town to the other will do a number on your brakes.

Just, what is New Paltz known for?

The most popular majors at SUNY--New Paltz include: Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Social Sciences; Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs; Visual and Performing Arts; and Psychology.

Is there a train to New Paltz?

Trailways New York operates a bus from New York, Port Authority to New Paltz 4 times a day. ... Alternatively, Amtrak operates a train from New York Penn Station to Poughkeepsie Amtrak Station every 2 hours. Tickets cost $26 - $40 and the journey takes 1h 25m.

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Is New Paltz upstate NY?

A day in New Paltz: Photo essay of people, places in Upstate NY village. New Paltz is a village in Ulster County. It's about 90 miles north of New York City and 75 miles south of Albany. The population is about 7,000 as of the 2010 census.

What is wrong with New Paltz water?

New Paltz water contamination: Potential source identified. ... Village and state Department of Environmental Conservation officials are pointing to a compromised underground fuel line for the Village of New Paltz's water treatment plant's heating system, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office.

What is there to do in New Paltz this weekend?

10 Things to Do in New Paltz that Locals Love
  • #1: Choose your adventure in the Mohonk Preserve.
  • #2: Wander the past at Historic Huguenot Street.
  • #3: Raise a glass at a local vineyard.
  • #4: Bike along a converted railway line.
  • #5: Take your pick (of apples, fresh produce, and more)
  • #6: Class it up with some local art.
  • #7: Search for treasure at the Antique Barn.