Is Consuela a Spanish name?

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Consuelo is a female given name meaning "solace" or "consolation" in Spanish (a reference to Mary, mother of Jesus, Nuestra Señora del Consuelo i.e. Our Lady of Consolation).

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Notwithstanding, how do you say the name Consuela?

Phonetic spelling of consuela

  • k-uh-n-s-w-AI-l-uh.
  • Con-suela. Bernhard Kautzer.
  • kon-swey-luh; Italian. Arnold Le Roux.
  • Con-suela.
  • kon-SWE-lah.
  • Besides, what do you call a person who consoles? Consoler - definition of consoler by The Free Dictionary.

    In any event, what does Con mean in console?

    1. Con is an MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows reserved word. It's an abbreviation of the word console. 2.

    What is a Mexican girl name?

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    • María Guadalupe.
    • María.
    • Juana.
    • María del Carmen.
    • Margarita.
    • Verónica.
    • Elizabeth.
    • Alejandra.

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