How old is Landon Carter in A Walk to Remember?

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Over and above, what sickness does Jamie have in A Walk to Remember?


Not to mention, who plays Landon's dad in A Walk to Remember? David Lee Smith

One way or the other, is A Walk to Remember on Netflix 2020?

A Walk to Remember is now available on Netflix! ... This Nicholas Sparks best seller turned movie has hit Netflix by storm. The movie stars Mandy Moore and Shane West and is a dramatic love story.

Did Jamie Sullivan died in A Walk to Remember?

As to whether she actually lived or died, it's ambiguous and purposely meant to be that way. If you wanted Jamie to live, she lived.

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Is walk to remember a true story?

The events of A Walk to Remember are based on real life Fans of A Walk to Remember know that the movie is based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks — but some fans may not realize that the novel is actually inspired by real events from Sparks' own life. ... "A Walk to Remember was my favorite novel to write," he explained.

Why did Mr Jenkins refuse Jamie's offer to do the play at the orphanage?

Eric gives Jamie the $400 that he collected for the orphanage. Jamie refuses to live at the hospital because she wants to die at home.

Is A Walk to Remember sad?

The first time you watch A Walk to Remember, this offhand joke seems like no big deal. The second (and third and fourth) time you watch, it becomes eerily somber since you know Jamie's secret: She's dying from cancer. Warner Bros.