How much money does Tana Mongeau make per video?

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Tana makes money from the ads on her videos, which makes up most of her net worth. She gets, on average, 600,000 new views on her videos every day. Google gives YouTubers a percentage of money based on the number of views. Google allegedly pays anywhere from $2-$7 per 1,000 monetized views.

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Then, is Tana Mongeau A Millionaire?

Tana Mongeau net worth: Tana Mongeau is an American internet personality and rapper who has a net worth of $4 million. Her biggest platform is probably her YouTube channel, on which she has more than 5 million subscribers, and she's best known for her series of "Storytime" videos on the channel.

On the other hand, how much does Tana Mongeau make per Instagram post? Overall, a single sponsored Instagram post from Mongeau may have earned her $20,000 to $30,000 in April 2019, while now it could fetch her $35,000 to $40,000, according to Jones.

That said, are Tana and Jake still together 2020?

Why did Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau breakup? Fans first started to worry that the pair had split after they noticed a lack of PDA between the two stars in the months that followed their wedding. And on January 2, 2020, the couple announced that they were officially taking a break.

What is Jake Paul's net worth?

Jake Paul net worth: Jake Paul is an American social media personality, actor and comedian who has a net worth of $17 million.

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Are Tana and Jeffree still friends?

Although Jeffree and Tana appeared to be friends in the past (they even collaborated on a video!), the makeup mogul totally shaded the influencer after the Tanacon drama too. He also shaded her in a YouTube video posted in February 2018, so it's pretty clear that he's not a fan of the YouTube star. ...

Why is Tana Mongeau popular?

On Monday, 21-year-old YouTuber Tana Mongeau announced that she's engaged to fellow social media star Jake Paul. Prior to her whirlwind romance — which many people believe is staged — Mongeau rose to internet fame through story-time vlogs and bold music videos.

How much is Trisha paytas worth?

Trisha Paytas net worth: Trisha Paytas is an American media personality, actress, recording artist, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $4 million. Trisha Paytas was born in Riverside, California in May 1988.

What's Shane Dawson's net worth?

Summary: Shane Dawson is an American YouTube star who has a net worth of $12 million. He has become famous especially for his docu-style videos and his Conspiracy series.

Who is Jake Paul's girlfriend 2020?

Julia Rose

Who is Logan Paul's wife?

YouTuber Logan Paul Confirms He's Dating Josie Canseco: 'It's Pretty Serious' Logan Paul and Josie Canseco are the real deal. The YouTuber, 25, confirmed Tuesday in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he and the 23-year-old model are dating.

Who is Jake Paul dating right now 2020?

Jake Paul has found love — and Page Six hears it's for real this time. Six months after the famed prankster staged a lavish Las Vegas wedding to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau, Paul is dating another controversial social media star, viral World Series flasher Julia Rose, we have exclusively learned.

Who is richer Jake or Logan?

In 2018, Jake Paul was Forbes' second-highest-earning YouTuber, bringing in an estimated $21.5 million. Logan Paul was No. 10 last year, earning an estimated $14.5 million. ... Forbes confirmed to Business Insider that the brothers' earnings were considered using the same criteria in 2018 and 2019.

What is Logan Paul's 2020 worth?

How much is Logan Paul Worth? Logan Paul net worth 2020: Logan Paul is an American YouTuber, boxer, internet personality, and actor who has a net worth of $19 million. Paul posts on his YouTube channel where he has more than 20 million followers.

Who is richer ksi or Jake Paul?

While both YouTubers are regarded as some of the wealthiest from the popular site, KSI has an estimated net worth of $20 million, while Logan Paul is sitting on a net worth of $19 million.