How much does a small square of hay weigh?

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Two string square hay bales: Weight from 40 to 60 lbs. Size: 18โ€ wide x 14โ€ high x 36โ€ long.

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In every way, how much does a 4x5 bale of hay weigh?


Bale Size (ft)Est. Bale Weight 2 (lb)Bale Weight After Storage Loss3 (lb)

In spite of, how much is a square bale of hay? The Price of Hay Bales By Weight

Hay QualityBale TypeAverage Price
PrimeLarge Square$216
Large Round$195
Grade 1Small Square$229
Large Square$177

Again, how heavy is a bale of straw?

Weight. Dry bales will be relatively light weight. A 2-string bale should not wiehg more than say 45lbs. If it's heavy (you'll know what heavy means when you feel it) the bale is probably wet.

How heavy is a round bale of straw?

Most modern round balers will make a bale that is between nine and twelve pounds of Dry Matter per cubic foot. If bales are loose and spongy when pressed, it is likely that those bales have a bale density of 9 lbs DM per ft3 or less.

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How many small square bales are in a large square bale?

Both big and small baler would line up and bale side by side across 1/2 mile field, ave 15 small bales to 1 big bale. That's here on our farm. It depends whether you bale it with a Hesston or a Krone!

How many small square bales are in a 4x5 round bale?

guessing around here a good 4x5 bermuda bale would be 700-800 lbs. Weight of your typical small square. If your small square is weighing 60 lbs per bale then you would have 12-13 sm sq bales per round. As far as fescue....

How long does a square bale of hay last one horse?

In general, a standard 40 lb. square bale of hay lasts one horse for about 3.5 days. But many factors such as age, workload, type of hay, and access to pasture grass affect how much they eat. I find most horses eat between 10-15 pounds of hay each day.

How many square bales is an acre?

With an average bale weight of around 40 pounds (with our Abbriata small square baler or any of our mini round balers), that's 100 bales to the acre for a first cutting.

How much is a bale of hay 2020?

Small square bales averaged $4.60 a bale (range of $2.00 to $6.00). Large square bale straw averaged $64.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 to $90.00). Large round bale straw averaged $58.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 - $85.00). In Nebraska, hay sold steady, demand is light in 2020.

How many square bales a day for a horse?

A horse can eat anywhere from 15-25 pounds of hay a day, which generally equates to a half of a 45/50-pound square bale of hay per day (~15-30 bales per month).

How much does a leaf of hay weigh?

An average flake of grass hay, such as Bermudagrass, may weigh 4โ€“5 lbs. An average flake of alfalfa hay will usually be thinner than the grass flake but may weigh 5โ€“6 lbs.

Is Straw heavier than hay?

Straw bales are generally much lighter in weight and color than hay bales and have a noticeably different texture. ... Hay can be much heavier and itchier and is a food-based product instead of a comfortable bedding-type (or ornamental/decorative) product.

What is difference between straw and hay?

Hay is a crop that is grown and harvested as a feed crop for cattle, horses and other farm animals. Straw on the other hand is a byproduct of a grain crop; in our area it's usually usually wheat straw that we see. ... Straw on the other hand, is much better for use as a garden mulch.

What size is a standard hay bale?

Bale Size & Weight We primarily bale standard two-string bales that measure 16"x18" and are approximately four feet long. Depending on the type of hay, our small bales typically average between 90 and 110 pounds.

How many square bales are in a 4x4 round bale?

Small squares around here average 60-65 pounds, the current 4x4 round bales we are getting average 1700 pounds so 1 round bale = about 27 square bales.

How heavy is a barley Bale?

Barley is baled to a uniform size (5" x 7" x 11") rather than an exact weight. Individual bales vary in weight between 1 - 1.25 lbs and are sold in quantities of 2.

How heavy is a small square bale of lucerne?

Weight of hay balesBale ShapeBale sizeWeight (as fed, t)
Small Squares0.025

How much does a 3x3x8 bale weigh?

The 3x3x8 (sometimes a little shorter) work great. They weight 750 to 900 lbs or so and flake off like small squares do. Really like them because they handle easy and a smaller loader can pick them up and stack them, etc. The 3x4x8 foot bales seem to weigh 1100-1300 lbs.

How many square bales does a cow eat?

For a cow needing 8,190 pounds of hay per year and a bale weight of 960 pounds, divide 8,190 by 960 for a yearly need of about 8.5 bales per cow. Multiply this by the total number of weaned cattle in your herd. For example, 45 cows multiplied by 8.5 bales per cow results in a total need of 383 bales.

How many bales does a Heston have?

4 x 4 round bales about 10 small bales or roughly 200kg. But that varies with the type of baler used so if you can get a idea of the weight before you buy it'll help you work it out.

How much hay does a horse eat?

Measure feed accurately and feed consistently The average thousand-pound horse who relies on hay for all their forage typically eats fifteen to twenty pounds of hay per day. Most hay is dispensed in flakes; however, the amount of hay in a flake can vary greatly, depending on the size of the flake and the kind of hay.

Why do horses put their hay in water?

By wetting his hay before he eats it, he reduces the forage's scratchiness, making it more like grass again - the better to slide down a sore or inflamed throat. Soaking the hay also douses excess dust, which may bother a horse with heaves or other respiratory distress.

Why do horses drink more water in the winter?

Cold weather increases feed or energy intake so the horse can tolerate the weather. Many horses consume more hay. Water has a role in moving digesta through the intestine. Lack of fresh, unfrozen water is the number one cause of colic during the winter due to intestinal impaction.

Should horse pastures be mowed?

Mowing your pastures to a height of 4 inches three to four times a year will keep the grasses less mature. Young plants are more desirable and palatable for horses. Make sure to mow weeds at or before flowering to prevent seeding.

How much is an acre of hay worth?

He says it costs about $297 per acre to seed and prepare hay ground. โ€œYou are going to get more than three years out of that, but if we use three years, that's about $100 per acre per year,โ€ Brown says. โ€œIf you are getting $125 per ton for quality hay, you are going to see a profit of $51 per ton, or $204 per acre.

How much does it cost to make a bale of hay?

Expect $25 - $46/ha ($10 - $19/acre) for cutting; $8 - $15/ha ($3 - $7/acre) for raking and $25/t or $17 - $18/bale for an 8x4x3 (620kg) six string baler.

How much hay can an acre produce?

The average U.S. dry hay yield (all types) dropped from 2.52 tons per acre in 2016 to 2.44 tons per acre in 2017. For alfalfa and alfalfa-grass mixtures, the average yield declined from 3.45 tons per acre in 2016 to 3.32 tons per acre in 2017.

How much is a square bale of straw?

Most farmers tend to buy large straw bales as they will likely get a good deal. Large square bale ranges from $40.00 to $90.00. Large square bale cost is averaged at $64.

What are current hay prices?

Hay bales by the ton.Hay gradeBale typeMax. price/ ton
PrimeSmall square$288
Large square$285
Large round$178
Grade 1Small square$224

Can horses eat round bales of hay?

Even though square and round bales are typically baled at the same moisture content, round bales are more often stored outside. ... Because of this, round hay bales have gotten an unnecessarily bad rap. But when they've been stored correctly and kept dry they are perfectly safe to feed horses.

Why are hay bales left in fields?

Why do farmers leave hay bales in the field? - Quora. For drying,seasoning,kill weed seeds,storage(you can't put round bales in a hay mow). If feeding to cattle they still get good use out of it because of their multiple stomachs and cud chewing.