How many stars do you need to beat Super Mario Galaxy?

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In total, there are 121 collectible stars in Super Mario Galaxy, though you'll only need to collect 60 of these in order to complete the game.

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Forbye, how do you get 121 stars in Super Mario Galaxy?


  • You have to get 120 stars with Luigi too. Then you can get the 121st star with Mario and Luigi. ...
  • After you beat the game with Mario and Luigi, @@@the Grand Finale Galaxy opens [email protected]@@ you can collect the 121st star with both Mario and Luigi. ...
  • get 120 stars with Mario. ...
  • First, get 120 stars with mario.
  • In the overall, what happens when you get 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2? Super Mario Galaxy 2 does have lots of that more traditional sort of post-game bonus content. Once you get 120 stars, three Green Stars are dumped into each level.

    Hence, does Mario 64 have 121 stars?

    There is no such thing as a 121st star. There are only 120 stars in the game.

    Is Mario Galaxy 3 coming out?

    Considering how much players loved the platformer and its 2007 predecessor, Super Mario Galaxy, you'd think a sequel for the current Nintendo console is a done deal, right? No such luck — at least for now.

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    What does the crown mean in Super Mario Galaxy?

    The gray crown means you have gotten everything you can get (all stars and the comet coin) in a Galaxy prior to getting 120 stars. ... It's a quick indicator of whether you have completed a Galaxy. If you don't see a crown, you need to go back!

    How do you get 100% on Super Mario Galaxy?

    Collect 60 Power Stars to fight Bowser. Collect the 60 optional Power Stars. Fight Bowser again to unlock "Super Luigi Galaxy." Collect 120 Power Stars as Luigi. Beat Bowser as Luigi to unlock the Grand Finale Galaxy.

    How do you unlock a galaxy grandmaster?

    Grandmaster Galaxy unlocks upon getting all 120 Green Stars and depositing 9,999 Star Bits. Furthermore, the player must not have any Bronze Stars, only Gold Power Stars count.

    Is Mario Galaxy 1 or 2 better?

    It is essentially the ultimate platforming experience. The second one is definitely better. The first one had a bigger impact of course, but comparing them head to head, Galaxy 2 is the better game.

    Is every copy of Mario 64 personalized?

    The Super Mario 64 iceberg, which lists a series of conspiracy theories. ... One of the most popular tall tales posits that every single copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized — meaning that everyone played a slightly different version of the game.

    What is the easiest Mario game?

    Super Mario 64

    What happens when you get 100 stars in Mario 64?

    Triple Jump Not only does Yoshi give you 100 lives, but he gives you a new move: The triple jump. You might not notice this right away, but it's there.

    Will there be a Super Mario Galaxy 4?

    Super Mario Galaxy 4 (tentative title) will be relased in 2012 for the VR by Outer Inc.