How many cm is 5'11 feet?

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πŸ‘ 352 πŸ‘ 59 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†4.4"> ##4 feet 0 inches= 121.92 centimeters
5 feet 9 inches= 175.26 centimeters
5 feet 10 inches= 177.80 centimeters
5 feet 11 inches= 180.34 centimeters
6 feet 0 inches= 182.88 centimeters

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Otherwise, is 5'11 a good height for a guy?

On average, women say a romantic partner 5'3” or shorter is generally too short for comfort, while a partner 6'3” or taller is too tall, and the β€œideal” height for a man is 5'11”.

Event, how many inches is a 5'11 person? Human Height Conversion Table

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In any manner, do girls think 5'11 is short?

No. 5β€²11 is pretty much an average height. It's not a short height at all. Actually, most women would probably consider 5β€²11 to be tall.

Do tall people die younger?

Such early death in the excessively tall is not uncommon. Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest person on record died at 22, and of the 10 tallest people ever recorded, the oldest died at 56. In people, height is negatively correlated with longevity; that is, taller individuals don't tend to live as long.

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Is 176 cm a good height?

For a woman, yes; that's somewhat tall on a girl. For India, it's a mediocre height for men. For the US and northern Europe, it's small for a guy. 5β€²10β€³/178cm is considered the technical median, however anything under 6β€²0β€³ isn't considered tall (i.e, β€œshort”) on men in United States and European society.

Is 6ft 4 too tall?

So 6β€²4β€³ is ideal for tall women (5β€²10β€³ and up). Women shorter than that prefer 6β€²0β€³ to 6β€²2β€³ the most. Basically, as long as you're a bare minimum of 6 feet tall barefoot, you're 'good enough' for almost all straight women.

Is being 6ft tall?

Although not incredibly unusual, a 6 ft. tall male in the United States is more than one standard deviation away from the statistical average height. That means that a male that is 6 ft. ... So, any male who is 6 foot 3 inches or taller in the United States is considered very tall and would be taller than 95/100 males.

Is being 5'7 tall for a girl?

5β€²7β€³ is a moderate/average height and therefore not considered tall. Based on the statistics, β€œtall for a woman” begins at 5β€²8β€³ (1SD or 84th percentile) so 5β€²7β€³ is not tall.

Is 5ft 11 the same as 6ft?

In North America, an genuine legit measured and confirmed 5'11 is actually tall and you might get mistaken as 6ft because a lot of guys who say they're 6'0 actually range from 5'10 1/2 to 5'11 3/4 depending if it shoes, or you decide to round up, or say your 5'11 to 6ft.

Is 5'11 a good height for a girl?

5β€²11β€³ is actually a very good height for a girl. ... Yes girls 5β€²11 are taller than 99.5% of women and 68.8% of men, I don't think it is very rare to find a woman that tall. I Myself and 6β€²0 and I consider myself tall, but not outstandingly tall. If a girl is maybe 6β€²3 or taller, then it is too tall.

Is 6ft 2 tall for a man?

6ft 2 from the perspective of my height - 5ft 8 - is rather tall, and the vast majority of people are going to consider it very tall. In the UK and US a 6ft 2 man is near the 96th percentile. ... Very tall. That's a foot and 3 inches taller than me.

Is 5 9.5 A good height?

Globally the average height for a man is 5'8 (173 cm) so technically 5'9.5 would be a tiny bit above average height. ... (183.6 cm) you would be considered below average or perhaps short.

Is 510 tall for a girl?

A woman who is 5β€²10β€³ is considered tall. The average height of women in North America and Britain is 5β€² 4 1/2β€³. Tall women are certainly not common in North America.

How can I get taller?

Why Being tall is bad?

MORE PRONE TO INJURIES: Not only tall people are prone to injuries but also their injuries are more severe as compared to their shorter counterparts. Studies say that people who are thin and tall may take more time to recover as their nerve impulses have longer areas to cover.

Are tall people smarter?

Statistics. Across studies, the correlation coefficient of height and intelligence was generally found to be around 0.2, indicating a positive association between height and intelligence which is weak but still statistically significant.

Do tall people live longer?

But statistical analyses show that taller people, on average, also tend to live longer lives than shorter people. ... Gunnell found that short bones were a marker for a short life β€” 178 men and 123 women died before age 45 and 124 men and 94 women died before age 30.

How can I grow 2 inches taller?

Is 5.9 A good height?

Originally Answered: Is 5.9 a good height? Definitely. It allows you to participate in all forms of sports and all forms of national services. Some of the best athletes, mma fighter, special forces officers, and celebrities in the world are around 5β€²9 and 5β€²10β€³ .

Is 177cm tall?

177 cm is 5.8 feet which is equal to 5β€²9.6β€³, not 5β€²8β€³. Remember there are 12 inches in a foot.

Is 6ft 5 too tall?

You're not an ultra, but you're tall. There are a few guys on here in the 6'10''-7'2'' range, but you're still taller than 99% of the world. ... At 6'5 you are taller than almost everyone else, but you are not one of those people, who are so tall, that even other tall but not giant people, can't help but stare at.

Is 6ft 3 too tall?

Also, 6β€²3 is about 5.5 inches taller than the average man in the United States, so I would say it's tall. However, a 6β€²3 person will likely still see people taller than them on occasion, so it isn't abnormally tall for a guy.