How many chapters is Valkyria Chronicles 1?

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18 chapters

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Together with, how many levels does Valkyria Chronicles have?

okay, so there are 17 main story missions (or is it 18) and then a bunch of extra missions? that's good to know.

After all, how long does it take to beat Valkyria Chronicles? 60-80 hours

On top of everything, how do you beat Valkyria Chronicles Chapter 7?

What is the max level in Valkyria Chronicles 4?


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How do you level up in Valkyria Chronicles?

Valkyria Chronicles: How to Level Up Fast
  • Get a higher rank in missions – Your rank has everything to do with speed. ...
  • Do skirmishes – Skirmishes will be unlocked as you progress through the game, and these are battles you can play repeatedly to gain money and experience. ...
  • Bring Rosie, Largo, and Alicia – These three characters will give you extra CP each turn.
  • Which is better Valkyria Chronicles 1 or 4?

    1 is generally agreed to have the better characters and story, while 4 has some improved gameplay (And it's not like the story is awful in comparison or anything). Generally easier to move backwards in story than it is in gameplay.

    Do I need to play Valkyria Chronicles 1 before 4?

    You don't even need to have played Valkyria Chronicles 1, honestly. VC4 is a game that can be played completely stand alone without consequence. The game focuses on a completely new set of characters and locations. ... But on the whole, if you've never played a Valkyria game before, it isn't going to matter.

    Is Valkyria Chronicles worth playing?

    It's good., I'm not much on strategy but I had it on PS3 and enjoyed it. I got stuck but still, it's good. Valkyria Chronicles is a classic with great worldbuilding, fun characters, an engaging love story, and an extremely unique fusion of real-time and turn-based combat that props up a strong tactical RPG core.

    How do you defeat Maximilian in Valkyria Chronicles?

    Slapping on a Defense Boost order on her won't hurt too. Have Alicia cross the map until you're right in front of the tower, and then have her aim at the tower's weak spot. Her Undodgeable Shot potential should trigger as well, ensuring you the kill. After this, it's time to take on Maximilian.

    How do you unlock squad stories in Valkyria Chronicles 4?

    To unlock a character's squad story, use them often — about 20 CP uses in campaign missions, or 40 CP uses in skirmish missions total.

    How many missions are there in Valkyria Chronicles 4?


    What does leveling up do in Valkyria Chronicles 4?

    Raising higher levels will not only boost their stats, but they can also teach Claude new orders along with additional battle potentials.

    Can I start with Valkyria Chronicles 4?

    It's fine to start here. Mechanically this game is much, much better than VC1. The story suffers a little in comparison but is still enjoyable. Just watch the cutscene videos online for the story of VC1.

    Do I need to play Valkyria Chronicles in order?

    You don't need to play Valkyria Chronicles in order in order to understand what is going on. As far as gameplay goes however, that may be a bit different. ... In short; story-wise you won't miss anything even if you play the second game before the first.