How long is the drive from Phoenix airport to Sedona?

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Yes, the driving distance between Phoenix Airport (PHX) to Sedona is 123 miles. It takes approximately 2h 5m to drive from Phoenix Airport (PHX) to Sedona.

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Without doubt, is there a shuttle from Phoenix airport to Sedona?

Sedona shuttle transportation companies offer several departure times, most often from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, throughout each day. The most used shuttle for distance transport between Phoenix, Camp Verde, Village of Oak Creek and Sedona is Arizona Shuttle. ...

Apart from that, what is the best time of year to go to Sedona AZ? The best time to visit Sedona is from March to May when the temperatures are warm – but not scorching – and the area is in full bloom. Hikers love this season, as desert flowers add a pop of color to the rust-colored trails. September to November is another ideal time for outdoor activities thanks to mild weather.

However that may be, is the drive from Phoenix to Sedona Scenic?

A drive around Arizona will put you on the road to some of the most beautiful scenery. But there's one particular highway that apparently bests the rest. Like a red (rock) carpet rolled out from Interstate 17 to Sedona, Highway 179, aka the Red Rock Scenic Byway, is Arizona's most scenic drive, according to Thrillist.

What airport do you use for Sedona?

Sedona is located in north central Arizona. The closest airports are Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX), two hours by car to the south of Sedona, and Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG), about 45 minutes to the north of Sedona. Please be aware that Flagstaff Pulliam airport offers only limited flight options.

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What airport do you fly to for Sedona Arizona?

Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

How much is an uber from Phoenix to Sedona?

Most cab companies charge $2.30 per mile. Since Sedona is about a 110 mile trip that takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The minimum cost to take a taxi is $260.

What is the best area of Sedona to stay in?

Bell Rock

Is Sedona cooler than Phoenix?

Sedona is usually 20° F (10° C) cooler than Phoenix and about 15° (7° C) warmer than Flagstaff.

How many days should you spend in Sedona?

Don't make the mistake of taking a trip to Sedona for a night or two, three to five days is the time needed to see Sedona, the Grand Canyon and beyond.

Is Sedona worth visiting?

It's been said that "God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona." I don't know about all that, but it's definitely worth a visit. Its stunning red rock formations serve as a backdrop for all kinds of fun activities, from hiking and biking to wine tastings and soothing spa treatments.

How far is Grand Canyon from Sedona?

about 117 miles

What is so special about Sedona?

The majestic red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation are two reasons for the unique energy of Sedona and its tangible regenerative and inspirational effects. ... Sedona is also internationally known for the uplifting power of its Vortex meditation sites.

Where should I stay between Phoenix and Sedona?

Sedona Hotels and Places to Stay
  • Sedona Pines Resort. View Hotel. ...
  • Sedona Views Bed and Breakfast. View Hotel. ...
  • Sedona Springs Resort, a VRI resort. View Hotel. ...
  • Amara Resort & Spa. View Hotel. ...
  • L'Auberge de Sedona. ...
  • Arabella Hotel Sedona. ...
  • Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock. ...
  • Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa Trademark Collection by Wyndham.

What is there to see between Phoenix and Sedona?

Road Tripping From Phoenix to Sedona: 5 Stops To Make Along the Way
  • Rock Springs Cafe. A self-proclaimed “great wonder” of Arizona, Rock Springs Cafe is the oldest independently owned restaurant still operating in the state. ...
  • Arcosanti. ...
  • Montezuma Castle National Monument. ...
  • Cottonwood & Verde Valley Wine Trail. ...
  • Jerome.