How far is Mill City Oregon from Portland Oregon?

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54.01 miles

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Conjointly, did Mill City Oregon burn down?

The wildfires that ripped through the Santiam Canyon on Tuesday morning took a horrific toll on towns including Detroit, Mill City, Gates and Lyons-Mehama. Lives and buildings have been lost. But there are also places still standing. Not everything was destroyed.

At the very least, what county is Mill City Oregon? Straddling two counties (Marion and Linn) and one river (the North Santiam), Mill City is the largest town in the North Santiam Canyon of the western Cascade Mountains.

As it, how far is Mill City Oregon from Albany Oregon?

31.89 miles

Did Rosie's in Mill City burned?

No deaths. Kirsch said the good news is there was no known loss of life in Mill City. “We did lose a couple real landmarks, Kelly's Lumber Yard and the historic Reid House,” Kirsch said. Rosie's Café, which was initially reported to have burned, is still standing.

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Did Gates burn Oregon?

The Beachie Creek Fire and Lionshead Fire ravaged the Santiam Canyon, burning more than 398,000 acres. GATES, Ore. (KOIN) — New drone video from Gates, Oregon shows the devastation left behind after the Beachie Creek Fire ravaged the small town.

What is the elevation of Mill City Oregon?


What county is Gates Oregon in?

Gates is a city on the border of Linn and Marion counties in Oregon, United States. The population was 471 at the 2010 census. The greater part of Gates' population is in Marion County and the city is primarily under Marion County's jurisdiction.

Is Highway 22 open to Mill City?

The four mile section of Highway 22 between the cities of Mill City and Gates will be open for travel. Community members returning to Gates and Mill City will need to use the following travel route to access their residences and businesses: Highway 22 east to Hwy 226.

Did gingerbread houses burn down?

The Gingerbread House was built in 1953. It was surrounded by trees until about 15 years ago when a storm blew them down. The trees had spared the restaurant — then the wildfire flames spared the building last week.

What started the Mill City Fire?

Mill City Mayor Tim Kirsch evacuated his town in the middle of the night Monday, fleeing as the fire burned on both sides of Highway 22 and embers tossed by violent winds sparked fires in the fields surrounding town.

Where is the Santiam fire?

Santiam Fire
View of the Santiam Fire from Salem on Septem, with a red sky from smoke
LocationNorthwest Oregon, United States Marion County Jefferson County Linn County Clackamas County
Coordinates44.821°N 122.188°WCoordinates:44.821°N 122.188°W

How far is Gates Oregon from Salem Oregon?

32.91 miles