How do you trigger the Arcade Gannon quest?

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The quest isn't available until you've advanced in the main quest enough. You have to have completed "for the republic, part 2", "wild card: side bets", or "Render unto caesar". You also have to trigger certain conversations with arcade by doing quests or taking him places.

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Therefore, how do you get Arcade Gannon points?

Almost immediately after talking to Hildern Arcade will come up to you and talk to you. Say the following to Arcade: "Good thing there are still people like you around." Saying this to him is what gets you the points.

In addition to that, how do I start the remnants quest? Recruiting the Remnants Arcade tells them that he'd like to help him convince some of his old Enclave buddies to help the NCR fend off Caesar's Legion at Hoover Dam. If the player character agrees, the quest begins.

Secondly, how do I get into the remnants bunker?

The bunker is sealed by a password that can only be obtained through Arcade Gannon's companion quest, For Auld Lang Syne. After speaking to the five members of the Enclave remnants, the Courier will have collected the words necessary to make the password "dear old friends, remember Navarro" in order to enter.

How do I activate Boones quest?

In order to trigger the quest, one must accumulate at least 5 "history" points with Boone. Note that these "history points" can only be earned while Boone is in their party, although he need not be by the Courier's side (they can have him wait elsewhere).

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How do I trigger Ede quest?

To trigger the first message, talk to any one of the following: Old Lady Gibson at the Gibson scrap yard. (If her conversation options have already been gone through before starting this quest, talking to her will no longer trigger this message.) NCR troopers at HELIOS One outside of the front door.

Can you romance Arcade Gannon?

For example, if a male player character with the Confirmed Bachelor perk tries to recruit him, the PC can flirt with Arcade, to which he will respond: β€œOvert flirtation will get you everywhere, you know.” You can watch a video of this scene here (starting around 3:50).

How do I trigger Veronicas quest?

Veronica. Trigger: As with Boone, Veronicas quest is triggered by the accumulation of 'trust points'. In Veronicas case, these are gained by taking her to a variety of locations in the Wasteland and talking to certain NPCs.

How do I activate Raul's quest?

Activating the quest Raul Tejada, the ghoul handyman found captive at Black Mountain, must be the Courier's active companion when the player character initiates dialogue with Ranger Andy in Novac, Corporal Sterling in Camp McCarran (or Camp Forlorn Hope) and Loyal at Nellis Air Force Base.

How do I start the whitewash quest?

This quest is activated in parallel with [I Put a Spell on You]. After you talk to James Hsu, you'll be send to Curtis and then you'll meet Colonel Carrie Boyd (M25A:4) #1. Ask her if she has seen anything suspicious and then talk about missing people.

What weapons can Arcade Gannon use?

Arcade Gannon - YCS/186 or the Holorifle. Boone - Anti-Materiel Rifle or the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle. Cass - Riot Shotgun. Lily - CZ57 Avenger.

Can Boone wear power armor?

User Info: TooLateToGoBack. Boone can wear Power Armor and so can Arcade Gannon.

How do you trigger auld lang syne?

Easiest way to start "For Auld Lang Syne"
  • Go inside the Silver Rush - 1 point for walking about a block away.
  • Go to REPCONN headquarters - another point and it's quite close as well as easy to get to.
  • Go to visit Caesar - it can net you 2-3 points easily, maybe more.
  • Go to Camp McCarren:
  • Talk to Thomas Hildern inside on the first floor.
  • Talk to Lt.
  • How do I get the key to the followers safehouse?

    To access the safehouse, the Courier must become Idolized with the Followers of the Apocalypse. Julie Farkas will offer membership with the Followers and provide the key. She will invite the Courier after they have been given the option to buy magazines.

    How do I get Arcade Gannon as a companion?

    Recruiting as companion There are several ways for the Courier to recruit Arcade. In each case, assuming the requirements are met, they just need to talk to him, exploring the dialogue options until some variant of "Why don't you come with me?" shows up.

    Who sold out Boone's wife?

    Jeannie May Crawford

    Where does Boone go if I dismiss him?

    In Boone's case, he'll go back to his motel room.

    How do you start I Forgot to Remember to Forget?

  • you need to talk to the sniper guy in the big dinosaur (not Boone, the other guy. ...
  • I forgot to remember to forget is Boone's sidequest mission. ...
  • It took awhile for Boone to trust me, I had to have him help me clear out two Legion outposts before he would talk enough about Bitter Springs to get the quest open.
  • How do I start the still in the dark quest?

    The quest can be started in two ways, both of which require finding the Hidden Valley bunker the Brotherhood retreated to. The first way requires the player to simply pick up Veronica Santangelo at 188 trading post and bring her to the bunker. She will lead the player inside.

    How do I start Ede my love?

  • Find and examine ED-E in the Nash residence in Primm.
  • Talk to Johnson Nash and mention the robot sitting in his store.
  • Repair ED-E and take ED-E with you as a companion.
  • Trigger ED-E's first audio log via dialogue about technology or the Enclave: ...
  • Allow five in-game days to pass.
  • How do you get Ede?

    You can find ED-E in the Mojave Express Office in Primm , and to repair him you need one the following:
  • A Repair skill of 65.
  • A Science skill of 55, with a subsequent Repair skill of 35.
  • Three pieces of scrap metal, two sensor modules, and one scrap electronics.
  • Where can I find Veronica?

    • Veronica can be recruited at the 188 trading post by simply talking to her. ...
    • She is a follower focused on unarmed combat and benefits greatly from heavy armor and high end unarmed gear. ...
    • Veronica will wear Brotherhood power armor, such as the one found on dead paladins at Black Mountain, REPCONN or near Nellis.

    How do you get a companion in Fallout New Vegas?

    There are 8 main companions in Fallout: New Vegas that you can unlock by completing quests, killing enemies, or using skills. All 8 companions have very different styles and back stories, and have very specific personal quests.

    Should I help McNamara or Hardin?

    If the player wants to explore Veronica's character more then McNamara is ideal as there is more content there to discover. McNamara has a lot of busy work quests, and Hardin Doesn't. If the player wants to just get power armor and leave, then Hardin is the fastest option to do so.

    Will Veronica leave if I destroy the brotherhood?

    Veronica will leave if your BoS reputation falls below a certain value. Destroying the BoS will give you a massive reputation hit, so you will most likely fall below the reputation required for keeping Veronica. At least the NCR quests you can do without having to kill the Brotherhood, as far as I remember.