How do you make a homemade cedar chest?

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#Our 10 Step Guide Building a Cedar Chest
  • Choose Your 1 Inch Cedar Boards. The first step begins with choosing your cedar wood. ...
  • Remove Any Imperfections. ...
  • Glue the Panels Together. ...
  • Plane and Sand the Panels. ...
  • Assemble the Box. ...
  • Add the Top and the Bottom. ...
  • Assemble the Legs. ...
  • Sand and Finish.
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    Even if, how much is a cedar chest worth?

    Online auction sites, antique shops and secondhand stores often sell Lane cedar chests -- based on their age, condition or rarity -- starting at $99 and as high as $700 or more for older chests. But most chests, on average, are valued between $200 and $400.

    Either way, how long does it take to build a cedar chest? 60 hours work and $350 to build. Minwax stain and hand-rubbed varnish.

    Still and all, what are the average dimensions of a cedar chest?


    SizeAvailable in Memory StyleInside Length in inches

    How do you make a chest quilt?

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    Why are chests made out of cedar?

    Cedar chests sometimes are made from a different wood on the outside, but lined with cedar. Cedar is a preferred wood for storage because it repels insects and fungi, and has a fresh aromatic scent. It is especially beneficial for storing fabric items, including heirlooms.

    How much is an 80 year old cedar chest worth?

    Most are worth about $200 to $400. Cedar chests made before 1987 have lids that automatically latch shut when closed, which poses a suffocation risk to children. Chests made after 1987 have a newer safety lock. Lane will replace old locks for free (visit or call 800-225-0265).

    Does Lane make cedar chests anymore?

    The last Lane cedar chest to be manufactured in the United States rolled off the production line in the summer of 2001, and the plant closed for good.

    Can photos be stored in a cedar chest?

    It's OK to put photos in the chest as long as they are stored in an archival box with acid-free paper. Don't let the photos touch the wood itself, as it's acidic and could ruin the photos. The cedar chest needs to be stored in an area where there is no direct heat or moisture, which means not in the attic or basement.

    Where did the hope chest originate?

    According to Kylie Carlson, the owner of The Wedding Academy, hope chests originated in 15th-century Renaissance Italy, with many of the chests often decorated ornately. Unmarried women used hope chests to store valuable things and โ€œsave upโ€ for the marriage they dreamed of having someday.

    What is cedar wood?

    Cedar wood is a versatile and durable domestic hardwood that grows on both the East and West coasts of the US. ... Cedar is prized for many reasons. It is naturally weather and insect resistant, gives off a pleasing and recognizable scent, and is aesthetically attractive to look at.

    Do cedar chests keep moths away?

    Cedar-lined closets are also reputed to repel moths โ€“ but their reputation probably derives from well-built cedar chests, which moths could not invade because they were built so tightly. Cedar oil may repel moths at high concentrations but cedar lumber loses most of its oil a few years after cutting.

    What kind of wood are cedar chests made of?

    Aromatic Cedar- Juniperus virginiana. Traditionally used for 'cedar' chests, hope chests. Other names: Eastern Red Cedar.

    What is the normal size of a hope chest?

    36 x 17.5 x 18.5 inches

    How do you make a simple wooden chest?

    How do I make a small wooden chest?

    How do you make a linen chest?

    Are cedar chests still popular?

    The hope chest of the past, also called a wedding or dower chest, is still a popular piece of furniture, although it is no longer used in the traditional way. In 17th and 18th century America, a hope chest was given to a young girl. ... In the early 1900s, the cedar chest became popular.

    How do you make an old cedar chest smell good?

    Wet a lint-free white cloth with white vinegar, wringing out excess moisture. Wipe down all interior surfaces of the chest, then let the chest air dry while open. Repeat if needed to remove any remaining spots or slight odors.

    Can you use a cedar chest as a coffee table?

    Transform an upcycled chest into a beautiful coffee table full of storage. On a recent trip to the thrift store, I came across this old cedar chest. ... And the giant cedar chest was perfect for storage. So I grabbed it up to upcycle the chest into the perfect coffee table for our living room.

    What is a waterfall cedar chest?

    Designed with a unique waterfall top, flat sides and cedar bottom, this attractive chest also features stylish carvings that include a poignant โ€œBless This Homeโ€ message (the piece is also available without carvings if you prefer). ...

    How do I know if I have cedar on my chest?

    Examine the cedar chest for a maker's mark or company name. In antique chests or newer high-quality chests, this mark is usually burned or stamped onto the wood; a few may have a paper tag. In the case of newer low-quality chests, there may be a sticker.

    Can I store books in a cedar chest?

    You cannot stack them up in a cedar chest and expect them to be okay over time. A better way to store a book is by putting it in a polyethylene bag that is archival quality. Ensure that you do not seal the bag so the book can breathe, and then store it inside an acid-free box in a cool dry area.

    How do I get mothball smell out of a cedar chest?

    Make a mixture of equal parts rubbing alcohol and vinegar OR lemon juice. Dampen a cloth and rub the inside of the chest. Lemon or vinegar might help counteract the mothball odor. It's very important to keep the lid open until the chest dries and even leave it open for several days.

    What is a cedar chest good for?

    Pest Protection โ€“ One of the greatest benefits of a cedar chest is that cedar wood serves as a natural deterrent against moths and other pests. With a cedar chest, you won't have to buy mothballs to keep your clothes in good shape! ... Even when put under pressure, the wood is unlikely to warp or shift away from the wall.

    How do you make a cedar chest into a bench seat?

    How many cedar balls are in a drawer?

    Place 2 - 5 cedar pieces up per wardrobe unit in such a way that they are not covered by clothes. In drawers or storage compartments 2 pieces are adequate.

    What is the best wood for a hope chest?

    Most traditional hope chests were constructed with cedar, a type of wood that naturally repels insects and fungus. Traditional cedar hope chests were also used to help protect fabrics and to give the items inside a pleasant aroma.

    How do you make a treasure chest out of wood?