How do you get the game among us?

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s://"> ps://"> RT###Among Us is free to play on iOS and Android devices (you can download it on the App Store or Google Play Store). Or, it costs $5 to play on a PC (you can download it on Steam or Be warned, the free mobile version does have ads.

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As well as, what is among us available on?

Platforms where Among Us is available? The game is currently available Android, iOS and Windows. The game is available free of cost on Android and iOS, with in-app purchases.

Anywho, how do I get among us on my laptop? Method 1: Emulators

  • Download LDPlayer installer on your PC.
  • Run the installer and complete the setup.
  • Open LDPlayer and search Among Us on the search bar.
  • Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play).
  • Once installation completes, click the game icon to launch the game.
  • Enjoy playing Among Us on your PC with LDPlayer.
  • Thus, how do you get among us on PC?

  • Step 1: Install BlueStacks or any other Android emulator on the system.
  • Step 2: Once the emulator is installed, open the Play Store app and sign in to the Google account.
  • Step 3: Search for Among Us and click on the first result.
  • Step 4: Hit the install button and wait until the download completes.
  • How do you kill in among us?

    To kill someone, get close enough to them for the 'Kill' button in the bottom right hand corner to light up. There is a cooldown timer between kills, which can be customized by the host. You can either report the body yourself, or run away to take the suspicion off you.

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    Is among us a safe game for kids?

    Common Sense Media rates the game as good for ages 10+ (and it tends to be conservative in its age recommendations). Since the game is easy enough to learn and fun for adults too, you may want to try playing as a family first to see how your kid manages before letting them play online with friends.

    Can you play among us in person?

    Sometimes video games are so fun they extend beyond the bounds of a computer screen. Among Us is one of those games that has inspired unprecedented proliferation. ... Playing the game in person with friends sort of takes away that safe distance, but go off I guess. Making Among Us into a reality still looks undeniably fun.

    How can I play among us on mobile?

    Because the game is built to be played on mobile or PC, players can pick and choose one of two different control layouts in the options menu. The first option is a mouse-only control scheme, meant to mirror the mobile version's controls, with all of the options available to click on the screen.

    Is among us free on mobile?

    Among Us is totally free on iOS and Android, with an important caveat to consider. Among Us will ask you to share personal data and show ads instead of normal purchase-based monetization.

    Is Steamunlocked safe?

    Is this site safe to download from? Yes. All files are 100% checked before release. There are no hidden malware and each game is pre-installed for you.

    Can you play among us on computer?

    Even though Among Us is technically only available on mobile devices and windows PCs, there is still a way for Mac users to access the internet's favorite social deduction game. ... Technically, the Bluestacks emulator runs the Android version of Among Us, however it can still be played comfortably on a Mac.

    How do you play among us step by step?

    Is among us free for PC?

    Among the US is available on Steam for INR 199 for PC and laptop, but there is a legal way which will allow you to download and play the game for free without paying anything. ... Once the installation is done you can run the game and start playing.

    How much is among us on PC?

    Fans of Among Us have stanchly debated the mobile version & PC version of the game. The mobile game version is free to play through the App Store & Google Play, while the PC version costs $5 through Steam &

    Can you kill an imposter in among us?

    Ejecting Animations. Impostors, if voted out during an emergency meeting, will be ejected from the map and killed in the process.

    What are the rules of among us?

    In “Among Us,” the now-standard ruleset involves absolute silence throughout a match — outside of several, specific moments. Players aren't allowed to communicate while working on tasks, they can't audibly react when they're killed by an impostor and they aren't supposed to talk once killed.