How do you delete messages on a mod?

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To delete a single message in chat, you have to have Mod Icons turned on, and click the trash can icon. To delete all messages from one user, you can do a 1 second timeout to achieve that.

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Though, can you delete a steam message?

Discord allows you to edit or delete messages after you've sent them, while Steam Chat only allows you to delete them.

Be that as it may, how do I delete a chat message? Delete a direct message conversation

  • Open the Chat app or Gmail. app.
  • Tap Chat .
  • Tap the person's name.
  • At the top, tap the person's name. Delete conversation.
  • Tap Delete to confirm.
  • On top, can you delete twitch whispers?

    You can't delete individual messages or whole conversations, but you can hide them. You can also block or ignore the user so they can't Whisper you again.

    How do you delete Twitch account?

    How to delete your Twitch account

  • Go to and sign into your account, if needed.
  • Head to "" by clicking this link, or by pasting it into your address bar.
  • Enter the reason for deleting your account, and then select "Delete account."
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    Does Steam store chat logs?

    Steam does not log your chats, at least not on your local machine, though their new EULA agreement does allow them to review your chat logs, they are stored on their servers or hidden in encrypted files on your desktop as no one has yet discovered them.

    How do I check Steam chat logs?

    If you have the Steam mobile app, you can access previous messages sent to and from Steam friends in chat. Once you install the mobile app and log in, select the hamburger menu (on iOS and Android, click the friends tab on Windows Phone), and then press chat .

    How do I delete a text message I sent to the wrong person?

    There is no way to unsend a text message or iMessage unless you cancel the message before it was sent. Tiger text is an app that allows you to unsend text messages at any time but both the sender and receiver must have the app installed.

    How do I permanently delete chat history on teams?

    Click the options button (three dots) in the top right corner of the conversation and select Clear history. It is not possible to clear the history of channels and group conversations. This will only be cleared for the user clearing the conversation history.

    How do I permanently delete Tiktok messages?

    What's a whisper on twitch?

    Now you can send private chat messages without leaving your current chat. Whisper to friends, followers, and subscribers to chat privately one-on-one across all of Twitch. Your whisper will show up in-line with the rest of chat on web and mobile apps no matter what channel you're on.

    How do I check my twitch messages?

    Streamers and mods can check logs and other information for each viewer by clicking on a username. They can also use the command (/user username). With this feature, mods and streamers can see the following: The number and content of all messages that users made on that channel.

    How do you see deleted comments on twitch?

    Can I delete my twitch account and make a new one?

    Changing a Twitch username is possible: If you're disabling your account just to create a new one with a better username, remember that you don't have to do this. ... You can still use your account to watch streams: Don't forget that you don't need to be streaming on Twitch to be using your account.

    How do I delete my twitch account from my phone?

    Does twitch delete inactive accounts?

    Beginning January 29th, Twitch will begin to reclaim inactive accounts (including the usernames) and make them available to others. With any reclaimed account, Twitch will delete the profile information associated with the account (including, any content).

    How long is Steam chat history?

    2 weeks

    How do I save steam chat logs?

    It saves chat logs to where you unzipped the program, but once the program is open you'll see it in the icon tray. Right click it and go to "Configuration" to change where it saves chat logs and more. You'll also probably want to click "Start with Windows" to make sure the logger stays on. And that's it!

    How do I find old friends on Steam?

    Type in your username or profile number, and it shows all your historical friends and some of their previous names/profile pics. Hmm, this won't help you find people, but if you "Add Nickname" everyone in your friend list, Steam will continue to show that nickname even when they aren't on your friend list.