How do you add a time link on YouTube?

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How to Create a Link to a Specific Time in a YouTube Video

  • Click Share directly beneath the video.
  • In the pop-up box, check the box next to Start at.
  • Enter the time you want the video to start. ...
  • Select Copy to copy the time-stamped URL.
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    Beside, how do you hyperlink in YouTube description?

    Over and above that, how do you put a timestamp on YouTube description? From the left menu, select Content. Click the video that you'd like to edit. In the Description, add a list of timestamps and titles. Make sure that the first timestamp you list starts with 00:00.

    However that may be, how do I create a timestamp?

    How do I add something to my description on YouTube?

    Here's some idea: put a link of the YouTube video into your document files so that as you present the document you may click the link to open the YouTube video. Google product expert. You can put your pdf/others file in google drive and give the drive link on the video description.

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    How do I put links in my description on YouTube on my smart TV?

    How do I add a timestamp to my description?

    How do you copy a YouTube timestamp?

    Firstly, you can right-click on the video and select "Copy video URL at current time." This will let you paste the timestamped URL anywhere. Otherwise, find and select the Share button below the video player window. It looks like an arrow pointing right.

    How do you add a segment on YouTube?

    What does click link in description mean on YouTube?

    A YouTube video's description appears beneath the video each time someone watches it. Many video creators use this descriptive space to convince potential viewers to watch the clip and to promote the creator's cause or other work. ... YouTube will automatically convert that URL into a clickable link.

    How do I edit my description on YouTube?

    Your channel description shows on the “About” tab of your channel page.
  • In the mobile app, tap your profile picture .
  • Tap Your channel.
  • Tap Edit Channel .
  • Enter your updated description and tap OK.
  • How do you get the description box on YouTube?

    How do you get description on YouTube TV?

    How do I copy and paste a clickable link?

    How to Copy & Paste a Hyperlink
  • Scroll over the hyperlink while holding down your left mouse button. ...
  • Hit "Ctrl" + "C" on your keyboard to copy the hyperlink.
  • Open the document or location into which you want to paste the hyperlink.
  • Select "Ctrl" + "V." You have now pasted the hyperlink.
  • How do I manually add a timestamp on YouTube?

    Easiest: Open the YouTube video, cue it to the point you want to share, and press Share below the video. Copy the URL, and send it off. Manually: Open the YouTube video, and copy the URL. Then, add &t= with the time, like &t=1m30s.

    Is TubeChop free?

    TubeChop is a free tool that makes it easy to trim and chop a specific section from any YouTube video using a simple to use web editor. The final clip can be shared via link or video player embed.

    How do you copy a time stamp on YouTube Mobile?

    The most straightforward way to add a timestamp to a YouTube video on Android and iOS is to do it manually. All you have to do is find a video, copy the URL as you normally would, and then paste it somewhere where you can edit it.

    Why are my YouTube timestamps not working?

    How do you replace a YouTube video without losing views?

    You can't replace a video because any new video you upload to YouTube will get a new URL. Instead, you can change an existing video: Trim your video: On a computer, you can cut out the beginning, middle, or end of your video. Add cards to your video: You can use cards to add new elements to your video.

    How do I edit my description on YouTube Mobile?

    Change everything from your video's title to caption and comment settings....Edit video details
  • Tap Library. Your videos.
  • Next to the video you'd like to edit, tap More. Edit.
  • Make changes to your settings and SAVE.
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    How many links can you put in YouTube description?

    To the right of this, additional links leading to various social channels of your choosing. Adding this in is quick and easy – simply go to your About page, click “Add Links”, and fill in URLs you want. You can add up to 5 links on your banner.

    How do you hack YouTube descriptions?

    5 Ways to Craft a Killer YouTube Description
  • #1 Make the First 5 Lines Count:
  • #2 Always Include HTML Links.
  • #3 You Have 5000 Characters to Play With – Use Them.
  • #4 Create Profiles in TubeBuddy.
  • #5 Create Templates in Upload Defaults.
  • The fact is that every Creator needs to be using the description box every time.
  • How do I view descriptions on YouTube shorts?

    Step 1: While viewing a YouTube Shorts video, tap the three dots on the right side of the screen. Step 2: Tap “Description.” This will display the video's description at the bottom of the screen.

    How do you get to YouTube description on ps4?

    How do I create a link to a youtube video?

    How do I create a link to a file?

    Hold down Shift on your keyboard and right-click on the file, folder, or library for which you want a link. Then, select "Copy as path" in the contextual menu. If you're using Windows 10, you can also select the item (file, folder, library) and click or tap on the "Copy as path" button from File Explorer's Home tab.

    How do you get a link from a youtube video?

    Find your YouTube video URL
  • Find the video on YouTube.
  • Click the SHARE link on the bottom-right corner of the video.
  • In the Share a link dialog, click the COPY link to the right of the video URL.