How do I get the beta for Black Ops Cold War?

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T###To get into the Black Ops Cold War beta, you simply need to pre-order any version of the game, digitally via the platform of your choice's store. The beta is available early to those that pre-order digitally. PS4 will receive the beta first as part of the exclusivity deal with Sony/PlayStation.

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Any way, is Cold War beta open?

'Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' open beta players get a couple more days to play. ... The beta is currently available to all players on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

By no means, how do I redeem my Cold War beta code? Q. WHEN CAN I REDEEM MY EARLY ACCESS CODE? A. Once you receive your early access code from Xfinity, you can redeem the code immediately at, however, you will not be able to play the Open Beta until the early access Open Beta windows.

Brief, how long does Cold War beta last?

The Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War beta will end at 1 p.m. Eastern on Octo. This is a full 24 hours after the beta was supposed to end on October 19. This change was revealed on Saturday night, just a couple of days into the final weekend of this beta.

Do you need to pre order Cold War to play the beta?

The Black Ops Cold War Open Beta will be free across all platforms, with players who pre-ordered digitally gaining early access.

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How can I get a free Cold War beta code?

How to get the free Xfinity Black Ops Cold War beta code
  • Go to
  • Press the button to "request early access code."
  • Sign in with valid Xfinity credentials.
  • You'll be given a 12-digit code. ...
  • Sign in with your Call of Duty account.
  • Is Cold War Beta free on Xbox?

    The Beta will feature a selection of the game's Multiplayer maps set in distinct global locations during the Cold War. ... The Black Ops Cold War Open Beta will be free on Xbox One, with players who pre-ordered digitally gaining early access.

    What time can I play Cold War?

    Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S For North America, Black Ops Cold War will be available to play from November 12th at 9PM Pacific Time, 11PM Central Time and from midnight Eastern Time on November 13th.

    Can I play Cold War now?

    The launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is coming soon on November 13th, and if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, now is the time to do so. If you pre-ordered the game digitally, you can pre-load it to ensure it's ready to go at launch.

    Can you get cold war for free?

    Nvidia has partnered with Activision to give away a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War when you buy a Nvidia RTX 3080 or 3090 graphics card. ... Once you have purchased and received your new card, redeem your free copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

    How do I redeem a beta code?

    How to redeem your Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta Code
  • Create an Account.
  • Enter your details.
  • Redeem Code.
  • Success.
  • How many beta codes were used in the Cold War?

    How many 'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' beta codes are available? There are 10,000 beta codes up for grabs.

    Is Cold War Zombies free?

    Unfortunately, no. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now available across all platforms and players are enjoying the new Zombies experience. But the new Zombies mode is only available in Cold War and isn't a standalone free title.

    When can you play Cold War pre order?

    Xbox One And PS4 Release Date Datamines suggest the game will release on Xbox One, PS5 and PC on the 13th November. Pre-orders are set to go live on the 26th August.

    Will Cold War beta have zombies?

    Treyarch has added tons of features and modes to play in the Cold War beta. It does not seem like Zombies will be making it to the Beta version of the game. However, Zombies are going to be included in the final product.

    Does Cold War beta progress carry over?

    Will My Level Carry Over To Launch? Unfortunately, the level and all the unlocks that you earn during the beta will not carry over to the full release of the game.