How do I dispose of old TV in my area?

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You have a few options when it comes to getting rid of an old TV.

  • Donate your TV. There are many local charities that accept televisions that still work. ...
  • Take it to a recycling facility. Depending on where you live, they may offer a pick up service.
  • Return it to the manufacturer. ...
  • Sell it. ...
  • Give it away for free.
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    Even if, does Best Buy take old TV?

    Take Them to Best Buy. Whatever you do, don't toss old batteries or electronics in the garbage. ... If you have old electronics, or batteries, or old devices with built-in batteries, check out Best Buy's Electronics Recycling Program web page to see which items are accepted at your local store.

    Brief, can I just throw away electronics? In California, it is illegal to put electronic equipment in the trash. Many electronic devices contain toxic chemicals that can leak from the landfill and contaminate groundwater and soil. Electronics can be recycled at your local household hazardous waste drop-off facility for free, or at participating stores.

    Anyhoo, can you throw away an LED TV?

    Since televisions can't go in the trash or a landfill, you'll need to dispose of your flatscreen TV through one of several different recycling options. Many electronics manufacturers accept old televisions to be recycled, and some local waste and recycling centers will take your old TVs as well.

    What size TV will Best Buy recycle?

    Tube TVs smaller than 32 inches, flat-panel TVs smaller than 50 inches, and portable TVs, however, generally have a TV recycle fee of $25. (A few exceptions: There are no store drop-off fees in California, and stores in Pennsylvania and Connecticut don't accept television drop-offs.)

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    Why can't I throw away a TV?

    Old, outdated big-tube TVs (and newer flat-screen TVs) contain harmful, toxic chemicals and parts. This means they need to be safely disposed of. TVs left to rot in landfills leak these chemicals into the ground and air, harming our drinking water and air quality. Many of the components inside a TV are recyclable.

    Can you put a TV in a garbage can?

    TVs should never be tossed in the garbage, letting their toxic materials seep into the environment.

    Does Staples take old electronics?

    We'll recycle your ink, batteries, and electronics. We accept ink and toner cartridges, computers and monitors, * desktop printers, batteries, computer peripherals and office machines.