How do I delete my Clash of Clans data?

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In any manner, how do I permanently delete my supercell account?

But for another example: if you were to delete your supercell ID for clash of the clans, you can open Play Games, tap the Menu icon, go to Settings, then find Delete Play Games Profile, and hit on that option, then click on Delete to delete all your progress.

Well, how do you start a new account on clash of clans?

Beyond that, how can I delete my CoC Gmail account?

Go to settings in the bottom right corner. Go to accounts and click on the account that is currently backing CoC. On the bottom of the screen select "Remove account" It will read "Removing the account will delete all of its messages, contacts, and other data from the device.

Do Clash of Clans accounts get deleted?

1 Answer. No, no one can report/request a delete on your account for inactivity. Supercell will not delete your base or remove it. It will just sit and wait for the owner to eventually come back on.

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How do I remove my Clash of Clans account from supercell ID?

If you want to unlink your Supercell ID just go to Settings -> Help and Support. Next, press the Lost Account button and then press Contact Us. Write a message to Supercell to unlink your account. After you send your message, within 24hrs your account will become locked.

How do I delete a game from my supercell ID?

Is supercell ID Safe?

Yes, now it is absolutely safe. When u will reinstall it, u can again login in it by putting one OTP sent on ur email. Happy Clashing! It's just impossible to hack someone's SUPERCELL ID.

How do I change my Clash of Clans Account 2021?

All you have to do is click on the other account gmail in which the progress of your game is saved or alternatively press on the wording Add another account, to sign in with another Google account. Once this is done, wait a few moments until Clash of Clans restarts with a warning asking you to load the new village.

How do I start a new Clash of Clans account 2021?

Can you have multiple Clash of Clans accounts?

Luckily, for Android users, there are two options that you can use to run 2 COC accounts on 1 device. One is by using the direct way, while the second way is by using an app called Parallel Space.

How do I delete clash of clans from my Iphone?

Question: Q: How can I remove game data Under the Documents & Data section, check to see if your game has data saved to iCloud. If it does, simply tap on it and tap on the edit button in the top right hand corner to bring up the Delete prompt.

Can you restart clash of clans?

In short, yes, it can be done, but restarting in Clash of Clans seems to be against the spirit of how Supercell wants people to play the game. You might have to just stick it out and rearrange your village for better results.

How can I open my old COC account?

  • Open the Clash of Clans application.
  • Go to In Game Settings.
  • Make sure you are connected to your Google+ account, so your old village will get linked to it.
  • Press Help and Support.
  • Press Report an Issue.
  • Press Other Problem.
  • Does supercell delete?

    It is possible to request the deletion of all the information we have collected about your game account. To fully comply with this request, this means the permanent closure and deletion of the game account. This includes all in-game currency and progress, whether paid for or not.

    Can you delete your clan in COC?

    Kick everyone in the clan out and then leave, if you're the leader ofc. A clan can be 'deleted' if all members leave the clan. A new leader must be chosen before the old leader leaves the clan.

    How do you overwrite supercell ID?

    Yeah Supercell gives you the option to overwrite village over one(same) ID only until its TH4 or less. Once it crosses that, the village gets permanently attached to that particular ID. However in-Game supercell support does help removing/rectifying such ID issues. So if you like you could give that a try too.

    How do I reset my supercell ID?

    Recover your Supercell ID
  • Search your email accounts for any messages mentioning Supercell ID. This will help you figure out with which email you created your Supercell ID.
  • Then, once you know with which email you signed up, enter the in-game Settings, tap on “Disconnected” and login.
  • Can you transfer clash of clans account?

    Step 1: Create a Supercell ID. Open Clash of Clans, Tap the 3-Gears Settings Button and click the red “Disconnected” button next to Supercell ID. ... Now, Clash of Clans will safely be saved to your Supercell ID forever. You can restore it to any device, on iOS or Android, whenever you need to.

    What is supercell ID?

    Supercell ID is a new service we created to make it easier for players to safeguard their game progress. ... Once registered in one Supercell game, other games can be connected by logging in to the Supercell ID in each game. Supercell ID also allows easy management of multiple game accounts.

    How do I change my supercell ID on clash of clans?

    How do I change my supercell ID in clash of clans?

    Every player can change their username for free once, to make sure you can enjoy your game with a handle that you like. This feature unlocks at Town Hall level 5. To change your name, open the in-game Settings window, then press "More Settings" and then the "Change name" button.

    Does supercell ID have a password?

    Setting up a Supercell ID is free and easy, and there are no passwords: on login, a fresh verification code is sent to you. No more memorizing passwords! Registering a Supercell ID for all of your game accounts is the best way to switch between them. ... You can sign up for a Supercell ID in the game's settings.