How did a political machine function?

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//"> In the politics of representative democracies, a political machine is a political group in which an authoritative leader or small group command the support of a corps of supporters and businesses (usually campaign workers), who receive patronage as reward for their efforts.

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No less, how did the political machines gain power?

Who did Political machines gain some of their power from by performing favors for them? political machines offered services to voters and businesses in exchange for political or financial support. they gained control of local govt. in cities such as NYC, chicago, baltimore, and san francisco.

Ever, how did political machines respond to the needs of the people? How did political machines respond to the needs of the immigrants? They provided them more jobs, food, water, heat, and police protection. The gilded age was when new inventions led to rapid industrial growth.

Just the same, how did political machines gain influence in big cities during the late 19th and 20th centuries?

Why did machine politics become common in big cities in the late 19th century? ... They were so common in big cities because they provided solutions. Machines helped immigrants with naturalization (attaining full citizenship), housing, and jobs. In return, these immigrants provided political bosses voters.

What was the main goal of political machines?

Although the primary goal of a political machine is keeping itself in power rather than providing good government, machines have been responsible for restructuring city governments to centralize authority, improving facilities and services, helping to assimilate immigrant groups, and encouraging the growth of business ...

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What role did political machines play in city government?

What role did political machines play in city gov? City machines gave jobs, securing support, in return for being in control over you. This was extremely common making the city gov accomodate these ideas. This had faults in the bad ways people were treAted with no consequence.

Why did many immigrants support the political machines?

Immigrants supported political machines because they provided jobs and services such as a fire brigade. What effect did muckrakers have on reform? Muckrakers influenced voters, causing them to put pressure on politicians, the politicians then had to support reforms.

How did political bosses corrupt city governments?

How did political bosses corrupt city governments? They sometimes took payoffs from businesses and stole public funds, and they often used their power to influence officeholders.

How did political bosses help immigrants?

The bosses helped immigrants by providing jobs on the public payroll, getting housing for new arrivals, giving the needy gifts of food and clothing, patching up minor scrapes with the law, helping schools, parks, and hospitals get built in immigrant neighborhoods.

What typically was the role of boss in a political machine?

In politics, a boss is a person who controls a faction or local branch of a political party. ... When the party wins, they typically control appointments in their unit, and have a voice at the higher levels. Reformers typically allege that political bosses are corrupt.

How did reformers try to address the limits of machine government?

Reformers attempted to address the limits of machine government by advocating municipal (public) ownership of utilities and a tax system where the wealthy bore the main burdens. ... Reformers tried to improve street and public transportation.

What most contributed to the decline of party machines?

Which, if any, of the following factors contributed to the decline in the party machines at the local level? ... Adoption of the Sixteenth Amendment (prohibiting any political party from distributing jobs to loyal voters). Use of primaries instead of caucuses for nominating candidates for office.

Why were political machines so influential in cities?

Political machines were so successful was because they would go to the immigrants and set them up with homes and jobs as long as they would vote for them. ... political machines would provide food, housing, jobs for the immigrants.

Where did most political machines arise and receive the most support at the turn of the century?

Where did most political machines arise and receive the most support at the turn of the century? - Areas with large immigrant populations gave political machines an opportunity to take advantage of people who did not understand the language and were easily swayed.

What did Andrew Carnegie and Boss Tweed have in common?

Politicians like Boss Tweed were similar to industrial magnate like Carnegie and Rockefeller because they all had a large amount of control over things such as oil, railroads, and political machines which ultimately meant that they played a role in what happened to the country at that time such as the U.S. economy and ...

How did progressive reforms limit the power of political machines?

How did progressive reforms limit the power of political machines? ... Progressives had the recall vote which allowed bad politicians to be removed from office. This made the political machines mad because they liked controlling the local government.

What was the primary purpose of political machines quizlet?

The primary goal of a political machine is keeping itself in power. the most famous political machine located in New York which dominated Democratic party politics in the late 19th century, survived until the 20th, and is keenly associated with corruption.

Why did progressives attack political machines?

The main objective of the Progressive movement was eliminating corruption in government. The movement primarily targeted political machines and their bosses. By taking down these corrupt representatives in office, a further means of direct democracy would be established.

What role did political machines serve in large cities?

Political machines controlled the politicians and city decision makers. They made sure that enough people came out to vote in elections in order to...