Does ZaiLetsPlay have a kid?

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They created a shared YouTube channel called Ricky And Zai. In June 2020, she revealed that they're expecting a baby; in her "The OFFICIAL GENDER REVEAL! *BOY or GIRL?* " video, she announced that they're having a son.

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Apart from that, what is ZaiLetsPlay real last name?


In any manner, does ZaiLetsPlay have a sister? Keisha isn't Zai's biological sister. But Zai does have a bio sister named Stacy. Turns out the mom had seen infant Keisha abandoned on the side of the road one night. She took Keisha in until Keisha became to much to handle.

In any way, how old is Ricky from ZaiLetsPlay?

Ricky was born on Septem in London, England.

How old is hyper?

Hyper was born on 13 May 1999. Hyper is 21 years old.

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What age is Leah Ashe?

27 years old

What is biggs87x real name?

Ricky (birthday: September 24), better known online as Biggs87x (or simply Biggs), is an English Minecraft and Roblox YouTuber. He is well known for his Minecraft tutorials on how to build or make certain things, from a sink to a literal bubble bath.

What is Meganplays husband's name?

AviatorPlays Roblox

What is Cari Roblox name?

First Video Cari Leigh (born: Octo (1999-10-18) [age 21]), better known online as Cari - Roblox (or simply Cari), is an American YouTuber who primarily uploads roleplay videos of the Roblox game known as Welcome to Bloxburg, often with her boyfriend Dylan Win, known on YouTube as Hyper.

What is ZaiLetsPlay favorite color?


How old is the MeganPlays?

MeganPlays was born on 17th March 1995, in Texas, USA. Her real name is Megan Leeds. As of 2020, she turns 25 years old and her birth sign is Pisces.

What race is ZaiLetsPlay?

ZaiLetsPlay was born on the 24th of September 1991 in California. Her birth name is Zaira. She is of Mixed (Indigenous American – Mexican – Spanish – Portuguese) ethnicity.