Does Spirit Halloween pay weekly?

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Does Spirit Halloween pay weekly or bi-weekly? Spirit pays every two weeks on Fridays.

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In the same way, what age do you have to be to work at Spirit Halloween?


Wherefore, how long does Spirit Halloween hire? Spirit Halloween operates as a seasonal store, and interviewing for sales associate positions usually takes place between August and September. Interviews are relatively laidback and typically last 15 to 20 minutes.

On top of that, what is it like to work at Spirit Halloween?

My experience working at Spirit Halloween was really amazing due to the teamwork needed to run the store. Customers were usually really friendly and it is always fun to help someone pick out costumes. Music selection could be better, still had some good halloween songs though.

What age does Party City hire?

16 years

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Does Spirit Halloween have a dress code?

Yes! Costume wearing is highly encouraged!

How much do they pay at Spirit Halloween?

The typical Spirit Halloween Seasonal Sales Associate makes $10 per hour. Seasonal Sales Associate hourly pay at Spirit Halloween can range from $9 - $11. This estimate is based upon 23 Spirit Halloween Seasonal Sales Associate salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

Do they drug test at Spirit Halloween?

Spirit Halloween doesn't normally drug test for any seasonal position. However, the company reserves the right to drug employees who are suspected of working under the influence.