Does Nina end up with Leo on offspring?

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Leo's revelation at the start of this episode comes after he and Nina locked lips at the end of season five. Nina, who had lost her love Dr Patrick Reid, played by Matt Le Nevez, in a car crash, had formed a relationship with male nurse Leo, and fans seemed to believe their romance would continue in season six.

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Either way, do Nina and Harry have a baby?

Nina and her boyfriend Harry Crew had unprotected sex in an episode a fortnight ago and well, they're having a baby. The pair were chatting and he excitedly announced that he had accepted a crisis management job in Myanmar and she made her big announcement.

So too, how does offspring end? After the loss of her true love Patrick, giving birth to her daughter Zoe, navigating life as a single mother and living through more Proudman family disasters than the Offspring wardrobe department has printed scarves, we were treated to our last glimpse of Nina.

Having said that, why did Nina and Patrick break up on offspring?

And then, because Nina just won't take no for an answer, Patrick reveals he wants to break up with her, to protect her from himself, from the pain he has.

Did the actor who played Darcy in offspring die?

OFFSPRING fans are reeling after the death of Darcy Proudman (John Waters) in the season six premiere — and so is Asher Keddie. The shock storyline saw Nina Proudman, played by Keddie, ignore a phone call from her father, only to learn later that he had died soon afterwards on an overseas cruise.

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Does Mick leave offspring?

Through six hit seasons, Eddie Perfect's turn as gardener turned musician and all-round nice guy Mick Holland on Ten's hit Offspring earned him fans across the country. ... “There was no hesitation,” says the gravel-voiced 41-year-old of his decision to leave Offspring.

Does Nina have Patrick's baby?

In the final episode of series 3, Patrick and Nina reunite and also find out they are expecting a baby. Patrick has one sister Kate who is a single mother to her daughter Isabella. ... A few weeks after his death his partner Nina gives birth to their first child, a daughter, named Zoe Proudman-Reid.

Does Billie have a baby on offspring?

Offspring star Kat Stewart has become a mother for the first time. The 38-year-old Australian actress, who is best known for playing Billie in the Channel Ten drama alongside Asher Keddie, gave birth to son Archie Nicholas in a Melbourne hospital.

Do Billie and Mick stay together?

Billie and Mick move overseas: After getting back together again, Billie decides to move to London with Mick. ... She returns to tell the Proudman family that despite their best efforts, they couldn't make it work and Billie and Mick are officially over.

Does Patrick really die in offspring?

Heart-throb and father-to-be Patrick (Matthew Le Nevez) died in Wednesday night's highly promoted episode after being hit by a car; initially, he seemed to be okay, but not long after the show's heroine Nina (Asher Keddie) arrived at the hospital his condition became critical.

Does Chris Havel come back to offspring?

He was the original sexy doctor before Patrick Reid that helped make Offspring a household name. And after three years away from the show, actor Don Hany says he wouldn't mind returning to the hit Channel Ten drama starring Logie award winner Asher Keddie.

Does Nina Proudman have a second baby?

NINA Proudman is pregnant again. Offspring's lead character, played by Asher Keddie, is going to have a baby to boyfriend Harry Crew. ... The baby news came just after Nina was left reeling after hearing that her application for the Head of Obstetrics job at St Francis had been rejected.

What happened to Nina's real dad in offspring?

Why Offspring dad Darcy Proudman had to die in season six premiere. ... Soon after, the bombshell drops that Darcy has died of a heart attack while overseas on a cruise ship.

Why did they kill Darcy on offspring?

His character was killed off due to his choice to leave the show in 12th episode of season 4 on the 7 August 2013, and made Australian headlines following an outpouring of grief from Offspring fans. It was announced in July 2014 that he would be co-starring in upcoming drama series The Kettering Incident.

Does Darcy Proudman die?

Smooth-talking real estate agent, Darcy Proudman proved time and time again he had no trouble with the ladies. Fans were left reeling when he died unexpectedly in the season six premiere, while overseas on a cruise.