Does Juvia get revived?

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Yes,Juvia comes back to life in the manga. In chapter 499, it would seem as if she is dead but in the very next chapter she regains consciousness. Moreover there is thing that protects fairy tail members from death that is the fairy tail mark on their bodies.

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At the least, do Gray and Juvia have a baby?

Kuri Fullbuster is the second child but the first daughter of Gray Fullbuster and Juvia Lockser. She's both a Water and a Crystal-Make Mage of Fairy Tail. She's 16 years old, marking her as a student of Class 4-3 at the Fairy Academy.

Other than that, are Juvia and Gray dead? Gray was oddly cold to Juvia at times during the series. However, he is also kind to her, and even holds her hand saying words such as "I'm here with you". He also dies for her without hesitation. Gray sacrifices his life for Juvia during the dragon invasion, and is only alive due to Ultear's Arc of Time.

No matter, who kills Juvia?

Eventually, we get to the end of chapter 498 and Invel puts Gray and Juvia into a death match. The only way to get out of the match is by killing the opponent. This is a set-up on Invel's part. He's doing this in hopes that Gray will kill Juvia, go berserk and destroy E.N.D.

Does gray kiss Juvia?

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Who married Erza?

Technically Erza and Jellal do NOT end up together though in the anime, they do tend to get close with each other. For example in one of the episodes Jellal and Erza were very close to kissing, but right before it could happen; Jellal pushed Erza away.

Do Erza and Jellal end up together?

Technically Erza and Jellal do NOT end up together though in the anime, they do tend to get close with each other. For example in one of the episodes Jellal and Erza were very close to kissing, but right before it could happen; Jellal pushed Erza away.

Who does Wendy end up with?

It is also revealed Wendy married one of the Lost Boys, although this is not mentioned in the novel, and it is never revealed which one she did marry (in the original draft of the play, it is mentioned that she married Tootles, although Barrie omitted this before publication).

Does Lyon like Juvia?

Seven years later, Lyon sets his eyes on Juvia Lockser for the first time, and falls in love with her immediately. He tries his best to woo her, and even separates her from Gray every chance he gets, much to the latter's chagrin.

What episode does Gray cry on juvia?

Episode 214: Juvia is upset because she felt like she missed something important in Gray's life. Episode 217: Juvia & Gray with the others, are working to defeat the celestial beast. Juvia gets turned into a consolation, Gray screams her name.

Does juvia join Fairy Tail?

As Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Team Jellal return to the resort to recover from the event, Juvia goes to the newly renovated Fairy Tail guildhall to meet with the guild's master, Makarov Dreyar, and finally joins Fairy Tail.

Who defeated Jackal Fairy Tail?

Jackal is the 237th episode of the Fairy Tail anime, and the 62nd episode of the 2014 series. Seeing his curse has no effect on Natsu, Jackal assumes his Etherious form, but he is defeated by Natsu in his Lightning Fire Dragon Mode.

Has Fairy Tail ended?

The final season of Fairy Tail aired from Octo to Septem. A-1 Pictures, CloverWorks, and Bridge produced and animated the final season, which ran from Octo to Septem. for 51 episodes.

Who does Lyon end up with?

During the Light Team's meeting, he rushes off after Natsu Dragneel into the woods and towards Oración Seis' presumed headquarters, without even a plan of attack. Seven years later, Lyon sets his eyes on Juvia Lockser for the first time, and falls in love with her immediately.

Who does Erza fall in love with?

Throughout Fairy Tail, we see that Erza loves Jellal and just him. Some examples are her blushing, trying to kiss him, and when she was turned into a little child just before Tartaros she thought her biggest problem was Jellal thinking he likes them more matured.

Who will Natsu marry?

Lucy (Heartfilia) Dragneel is a Fairy Tail Celestial Spirit mage and mother to Nashi, Liddan, Layla, Jude, and the triplets, Igneel, Mavis, and Luna. She is married to Natsu Dragneel and has accomplished S-Class in Fairy Tail. She is a character from the original Fairy Tail series.

Who does Gildarts marry?

Years ago, Gildarts met and fell in love with a woman named Cornelia. Their relationship blossomed and the two eventually married each other.

Who is jellal fiance?

Jellal doesn't have a fiancé. He said that out of embarrassment and panick to keep Erza away because he doesn't see himself as good enough for Erza because of his involvement in the Tower of Heaven's arc.

Who is mirajane in love with?

8 Laxus & Mirajane Are Rumored To Be A Couple They don't have much interaction in the series other than a few flashback scenes and the two being supportive friends to one another. Laxus is always very respectful of Mirajane's abilities and knows just how powerful she can be.

Is Freed in love with laxus?

Note: The events in this arc occur only in the anime and do not constitute canon material. Freed is devoted to Laxus During the fight against Angel, Dan Straight appears and declares his devotion to Angel which causes Freed to state his own devotion to Laxus.

Who does Wendy date in fairy tail?

RoWen is a fanon pair between two Fairy Tail Mages, Romeo Conbolt and Wendy Marvell.

Does Doranbolt have a crush on Wendy?

Despite his self-interest, he still has a heart. He befriends Wendy Marvell and later saves her from a deadly attack, even after his position as a non-Fairy Tail member was exposed. ... Doranbolt made an attempt to teleport the members of Fairy Tail outside the island, but they refused to leave.

Does Wendy end up with AXE?

Despite having admitted earlier that the two have feelings for each other, Wendy and Axe do not get together in the season 5 finale. Bobby decides to escape the situation and go on the run and Wendy chooses to stay with her children in New York.

Does Wendy join Fairy Tail?

Formerly belonging to the Cait Shelter Guild, she officially joins the Fairy Tail Guild after the events surrounding Nirvana unfold. Following the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Wendy, along with Carla, joined Lamia Scale.

Who has a crush on Juvia Fairy Tail?

Gray Fullbuster is the love interest of Juvia Lockser in the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail. Initially, Juvia was Gray's enemy, as a member of Phantom Lord's strongest team, Element 4. However, When the two met, she instantly fell in love with him at first sight.

Who is stronger Lyon or gray?

Then they team up and Gray gets the finishing shot on Racer. After that, he falls for Juvia but Juvia just absolutely adores Gray. By this point, it's clear that Gray is stronger than Lyon even though they are both disciples of Ur with just ice make magic.

Does Lyon join Fairy Tail?

Realization dawns on Lyon that Deliora was long since dead and that he can never surpass his teacher now as she defeated the Demon before he could. In the end Gray and he reconcile, and Lyon considers joining a guild.

Will Natsu confess to Lucy?

But he did also say he liked NaLu better, so he may be telling readers that's his version of what's canon. At the end of the anime, Lucy confesses how much Natsu and Fairy Tail have influenced her, and lobbed the ball up for Natsu to confess his love... which he drops.