Does Andrea Morehead still work for Channel 13?

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Morehead, who recently completed treatment for breast cancer, is currently working on a project called "The Comeback." She has returned to the airwaves, broadcasting from her home beginning Wednesday.

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On top of that, is Andrea Morehead still at WTHR?

Broadcaster Andrea Morehead has been making her mark on the Indianapolis news scene since 1999. And now, 20 years later, she is deeply connected to the city and appreciative of the blessings she has enjoyed as co-anchor of the 6 p.m. news.

As well as, what happened to Mimi Pearce on Channel 13? Longtime morning traffic reporter Mimi Pearce has departed WTHR-TV Channel 13 as part of a strategic change in the way the station covers traffic. Neither Pearce, who had been at the station for 18 years, nor WTHR officials disclosed whether she was fired or resigned.

Afterall, what happened Scott Swan?

WTHR anchor Scott Swan returns to work after life-threatening health scare. ... Swan, an anchor for WTHR since 2002, said he suffered internal bleeding that caused him to lose 50 percent of his blood as a result of his condition.

Is Andrea Morehead sick?

WTHR anchor Andrea Morehead says she's cancer free, returning to network. WTHR-13 anchor Andrea Morehead says she's cancer free and returning to the network, after months of battling breast cancer this year. "It's been an excruciating challenge for 6 months," Morehead tweeted on Friday.

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Who is Scott Swan?

Scott Swan anchors the 5:30pm, 6:00pm and 11:00pm newscasts for Channel 13 Eyewitness News. Swan began working for WTHR in 2002. He has been honored with the National Edward R. ... He will lead WTHR's coverage with a trip to Japan prior to the 2020 Summer Olympics.

What happened to Ray Cortopassi on Fox 59?

Ray Cortopassi, an anchor for WXIN-TV Channel 59 since 2009, is leaving Indianapolis for a job at WGN-TV in Chicago, WGN announced Thursday. The departure ends a 21-year run in Indianapolis for Cortopassi, broadcasting at three different stations.

Who is leaving WTHR?

Alyssa Raymond

Who is Mimi Pearce married to?

Jim Denny

What is Julia Moffitt salary?

With massive dedication and hard work, Moffitt's net worth must be $500 thousand. An average salary of Channel 13 Sunrise is $74,253.

Who is Angela Buchman married to?

Mark Dubec

Is Alyssa Raymond married?

Alyssa Raymond Husband Raymond is happily married to her husband Jensen Lewis.

How old is Angela Ganote?

49 years old

Is Ray Cortopassi leaving the show?

'To say goodbye is going to be tough': TV anchor Ray Cortopassi is leaving Fox59. Fox59 morning news anchor Ray Cortopassi is heading to Chicago. WGN-TV, a Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc. television station in Chicago, announced Thursday that Cortopassi will be the new co-anchor of WGN Evening News.

How old is Micah materre WGN news?

58 Years 0 Month

Is Chuck Lofton married?

In the 10-plus years that Chuck and his wife, Mary, have lived in Avon, they've become part of the community.

Who replaced Ben Hill?

Carlos Diaz

Is Stephanie Mead married?

She dislikes revealing personal details about herself including details on her relationships. We do know that Stephanie Mead is currently married to Todd McMahon. The pair got married in September of 2018 and are nearing two-years of a happy marriage.

Who Is Julia Moffitt?

Julia Moffitt is an Emmy award-winning anchor and reporter. She has been honored for excellence in reporting by the Associated Press, and the Society of Professional Journalists. She has also been honored by Indianapolis Woman Magazine as a finalist for the people's choice award for best local female TV news anchor.

How tall is Alyssa?

approximately 5′ 7”

Who is the new traffic Girl on Fox 59?

Britt Baker