Can you visit Frida Kahlo's house?

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The Casa Azul – or Blue House – at 247 Calle de Londres has opened its doors for all to roam on a 360-degree virtual tour that lets you explore both her preserved living quarters and the galleries that make up the Frida Kahlo Museum.

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On the other hand, how far is Frida Kahlo Museum from Mexico City?

9 km

As well as, where is Frida Kahlo buried?

Short, how do you get to Frida Kahlo Museum?

Take Metro Line 3 to the Coyoacán Viveros station. From there you can take a taxi or bus, or you can walk to the museum (a pleasant 15 to 20-minute walk). Alternatively, the Turibus does a southern circuit that goes to Coyoacán and visits the Casa Azul. This is an easy way to get here.

Did Diego really love Frida?

“There have been two great accidents in my life,” Frida Kahlo once wrote in her notebook: the terrible crash that left her "broken" and the time she met Diego Rivera, who quite literally became the love of her life. ... A year after later, Frida and Diego got married.

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How many bedrooms does Frida have to herself?


Does Frida Kahlo have a museum?

Today it is one of the most popular museums in the Mexican capital. Popularly known as the Casa Azul (the 'Blue House'), the Museo Frida Kahlo preserves the personal objects that reveal the private universe of Latin America's most celebrated woman artist.

How do I get from Frida Kahlo Museum to Zocalo?

The best way to get from Metro Zócalo to Frida Kahlo Museum without a car is to line 2 subway which takes 42 min and costs . How long does it take to get from Metro Zócalo to Frida Kahlo Museum? The line 2 subway from Zócalo to General Anaya takes 16 min including transfers and departs every five minutes.

Is Mexico City safe for tourist?

Exercise increased caution due to crime. Both violent and non-violent crime occur throughout Mexico City. Use additional caution, particularly at night, outside of the frequented tourist areas where police and security patrol more routinely. Petty crime occurs frequently in both tourist areas and non-tourist areas.