Can rough concrete be smoothed?

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Smooth rough concrete with concrete resurfacer. ... Avoid having to smooth rough concrete with an aggressive concrete grinding machine and choose instead to resurface the concrete. Apply wet concrete resurfacer on top of old concrete to create a smooth overlay that gives your patio a fresh, new look.

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Anywho, how do you smooth old concrete?

In every case, how do you sand a concrete floor by hand? Attach 180-grit sandpaper, which is a fine grit, to a pole sander, hand sander or floor sander. Put on a respirator, and sand the entire surface of the floor lightly. When the sheen is off the surface, scuff sanding is complete.

Forbye, how do you smooth out concrete?

Can you sand concrete to make it smooth?

For smooth finishes and removing minor imperfections, use 80- to 120-grit sandpaper. For the smoothest finish use superfine sandpaper, 200- to 400-grit or higher. If you use a wet-dry sandpaper, you can wet the area before you work to keep dust down.

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How do you smooth a rough concrete garage floor?

Preparing the Floor
  • Put on long pants and a long sleeve shirt. ...
  • Open the garage door and any windows available. ...
  • Strip off paint, sealers or any other coatings on the floor. ...
  • Clean the floor thoroughly. ...
  • Scuff the floor with a coarse wire brush. ...
  • Fill in thin cracks, those less than 1/4-inch, with concrete crack filler.
  • Can you put a thin layer of concrete over concrete?

    Yes, you may pour a concrete pad overlay over an existing slab. You need to consider the added height and weight of the overlay on the existing structure. Overlays may include polymers, portland cement concrete, or epoxies.

    What tool do you use to smooth concrete?

    use steel finishing trowel for smooth texture To finish the concrete, use a steel finishing trowel to achieve a smooth texture. The tool brings water to the surface of the concrete. Don't use too much water, but at the time same time, work the tool to create a smooth finish.

    Can you concrete over old concrete?

    If the existing concrete is in good shape structurally, you can pour new concrete over it to freshen it up. Worn or cracking concrete makes your outdoor areas look drab, outdated and in need of fresh concrete. ... If the existing concrete is in good shape structurally, you can pour new concrete over it to freshen it up.

    What is the best tool for sanding concrete?

    The best way to fix concrete and sand a smoother finish is to use an orbital palm sander with fine-grit sandpaper, or wet and dry sandpaper for small specific areas.

    Can I use sandpaper on concrete?

    An orbital sander is the correct equipment to use when sanding concrete. You will want to have several different grit sizes of orbital sanding discs on hand. ... To remove only a small rough patch or uneven area, you can use 1000-grit automobile black sandpaper, which is very fine and will not remove much of the concrete.

    What is the smoothest concrete?

    I suggest using an aggregate free Portland cement and sand (or silica powder if its available). The ratio is typically 1 part cement to 3 parts sand and water of course. The trick to getting a smooth final surface starts after its poured and before it sets.

    What is it called when you smooth concrete?

    A concrete finisher is a skilled tradesperson who works with concrete by placing, finishing, protecting and repairing concrete in engineering and construction projects. ... After levelling the concrete, they smooth the surface using either a hand trowel, a long handed bull float or by using powered floats.

    When should I start finishing my concrete?

    How do you make concrete smooth and shiny?

    To achieve a smooth and shiny concrete finish first requires proper leveling, floating, and troweling before it cures. After attaining a relatively smooth concrete surface, and once the concrete is dry, you can utilize either mechanical or chemical polishing methods to achieve a nice, glossy shine.

    Can crumbling concrete be repaired?

    The Cure for Crumbling Concrete Steps As long as the steps are structurally sound—meaning, they're not spalling, flaking, or broken all the way through—you can repair most surface issues. ... If your patch is thicker, build the vinyl concrete patcher up in ¼ inch applications. (See this handy video for the technique.)

    How do you fix an uneven concrete garage floor?

    Apply Leveling Compound in Certain Spots Leveling compound is the classic and the easiest to fix a floor that is uneven. In fact, for some interior floors, it's just a matter of pouring leveling compound out and letting it find its own level. For garages, it is a little less simple.

    How do you fix a spalling concrete garage floor?

    Smooth it out best you can with a putty knife or margin trowel. Within 24 hours the repair will be hard enough to grind or sand flush. For larger areas of pitting and spalling, we recommend using a 100% epoxy concrete patch with a sand aggregate. The silica sand is mixed in with the epoxy to act as a filler.