Are VS diamonds real diamonds?

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VS diamonds, or very slightly included diamonds, have small imperfects only visible with magnification and not to the naked eye. VS is one of the most popular ranges for eye clean diamond purchases. VS2 and SI1 are the most popular two grades of diamonds, representing over 40% of all diamond purchases.

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In no way, what does VS quality diamond mean?

Very Slightly Included

Still and all, is vs Diamond good? The “VS” designation refers to “Very Small” inclusions in a diamond. ... So, if you're not using a jeweler's loupe, the diamond will likely be eye-clean. That means you won't see imperfections with the naked eye. This VS2 clarity diamond has imperfections, but they're tough to see without magnification.

On top of that, what's the difference between VS and VVS diamonds?

The main difference between VVS and VS clarity is the size of inclusions. VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) and VS (Very Slightly Included) are the next two grading ranges. (You should remember that VVS denotes higher quality than VS.) The bottom two grades on the scale are Slightly Included (SI) and Included (I).

How much is a 1 carat VVS diamond?

Like any diamond, the price of a VVS diamond depends on the Cut, Color, Shape and Carat Weight. The “VVS1” designation just refers to the Clarity grade. The average price of a round 1 Carat VVS1 diamond with an H-I color is $5,500.

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What are the worst inclusions in a diamond?

  • The 4 Worst Inclusions. ...
  • 1) Black Carbon Spots. ...
  • Not all Carbon is Bad… ...
  • Point is, stay away from Black Spots! ...
  • 2) Inclusions Top, Center of your Diamond. ...
  • 3) Long Cracks or Fractures. ...
  • 4) Chips on the Side of the Diamond. ...
  • Girdle Chips.

What should I look for when buying a diamond?

In brief, the 4Cs are:
  • Color: D-to-Z diamond color grades rate a diamond's lack of color. ...
  • Cut: The quality of a diamond's cut determines how well it unleashes its light.
  • Clarity: Diamond clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes.
  • Carat Weight: Diamond carat weight determines a diamond's apparent size.

Is vvs2 better than vs1?

The VVS2 Diamond costs 17% more than the VS1 Diamond. Both diamonds are eye-clean—meaning you can't see any blemishes or inclusions. Purchasing the VS1 clarity will get you the same result as far as beauty, but again, will cost 17% less.

What is better in a diamond color or clarity?

The color grade is more important than the clarity grade because cushion-cut diamonds tend to retain a lot of color. ... Because of this, you can go as low as SI1 or SI2 on the clarity scale, and the diamond should still appear flawless. If you are shopping for a radiant diamond, prioritize color over clarity.

Which cut of diamond has the most sparkle?

Round Brilliant

How much do VVS diamonds cost?

Like any diamond, the price of a VVS diamond depends on the Cut quality, Color, Shape and Carat Weight. The average price of a 1 Carat VVS1 round diamond with an H-I color is $5,500. The average cost of a 1 Carat VVS2 round diamond with an I color is $5,310.

What are fake diamonds called?

A diamond simulant, diamond imitation or imitation diamond is an object or material with gemological characteristics similar to those of a diamond. Simulants are distinct from synthetic diamonds, which are actual diamonds having the same material properties as natural diamonds.

What does VVS diamond stand for?

Very Slightly Included category

Do SI diamonds sparkle?

SI diamonds are very popular because even though they may have clarity characteristics that are eye-visible, it's not terribly distracting from sparkle. To the naked eye, diamond sparkle is slightly impacted and light performance is still quite high.

Is D color diamond good?

The D color grade is a good choice for round brilliant cut diamonds only if you have a very high budget that also allows you to spend on cut, clarity and carat weight. ... In any other situation, we recommend the H to J color grades for round brilliant cut diamonds in white gold or platinum.

What is the cheapest diamond cut?

Emerald. The emerald-cut diamond is another exceptionally beautiful shape that costs less but is very impressive looking. It has step-cut facets and is truly mesmerizing. The only shapes that are cheaper than emerald diamonds are the cushion and asscher shapes, respectively.

Which Diamond is costly?

Topping our list of the most expensive diamonds in the world is the Koh-I-Noor. Weighing in at a massive 105.6ct, the most expensive diamond in the world is oval shaped. Steeped in mystery and legend, the stone is believed to have been mined in India in the 1300s.

How do I choose a diamond ring?

How to Pick a Diamond
  • Choose Your Diamond Shape. The shape of your diamond is the launching point of your ring's design. ...
  • Select Your Carat Weight. ...
  • Narrow Down on Cut Quality. ...
  • Select Clarity Grade. ...
  • Comapre Similar Diamonds. ...
  • Verify the Certificate. ...
  • Get an Expert Opinion. ...
  • Make the Purchase.