Are tray ceilings expensive?

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Prices vary in every city and for each project, but homeowners typically spend $2 – $4 per square foot to install tray ceilings. In a new-construction home, you might spend $500 – $1,500 total per ceiling.

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In any way, what is the difference between a tray ceiling and a coffered ceiling?

While a coffered ceiling has many recessed areas (usually in the shape of a grid), a tray ceiling features a single raised area that mimics the shape of the room. While coffered ceilings can be made with a variety of materials, including different types of wood, tray ceilings are usually made with plaster and drywall.

Finally, what are the different types of tray ceilings? Tray ceiling design ideas can feature many different styles such as rounded design, molding, different paint colors, lighting, wood shiplap, arched construction and tiered levels, just to name a few.

At the same time, can you put a ceiling fan in a tray ceiling?

Regardless of what room you install your tray ceiling in, don't feel you can't have more traditional ceiling fixtures as well. Ceiling fans work just as well on decorative ceilings as on any other. You may need a longer extension on a suspended ceiling fan, but that should be no problem.

What is the point of a tray ceiling?

A tray ceiling, also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, features a center section that is several inches (or several feet) higher than the areas around the perimeter of the room. This design allows for the use of colors painted on the trim that can turn a bland ceiling into a focal point.

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How much does it cost to install a tray ceiling?

Generally, it is much cheaper to install tray ceilings during the home's construction than to go back and have the work done later. Prices vary dramatically based on your location, the size of the home, the detail work and more, but generally plan on $500 to $1,500 per ceiling.

Why are they called tray ceilings?

Tray ceilings are also called recessed ceilings. The fact that they look like an upside-down tray is the reason behind their name. They're versatile and can be styled in several ways to make any room instantly more stylish.

What is a reverse tray ceiling?

A tray ceiling—also called an inverted or recessed ceiling—resembles a large upside-down tray set into a ceiling. The center section is situated several inches or feet higher than the perimeter, drawing the eye upward, adding visual interest, and creating a three-dimensional effect.

Why is it called a coffered ceiling?

“Coffered ceilings are a very classic architectural detail consisting of a series of rectangular, square, or octagon grids in three-dimension sunken or recessed panels,” says Camp. “The word coffer literally means 'indentation. '” Essentially coffered ceilings have a decorative 3D grid embedded into them.

Should tray ceiling be lighter or darker than walls?

By painting your tray ceiling the same color as the walls of your room a space will naturally feel more intimate and cohesive. This is option is perfect for bedrooms. Going a darker than the wall color on the ceiling will have a similar effect, but will make the space feel even cozier.

Is it tray or trey ceiling?

A tray ceiling (also sometimes called a trey or recessed ceiling) resembles a large upside-down tray that is set into the ceiling of a room. Generally, the center part of the design is between 6 and 14 inches higher than the perimeter.

How much does it cost to remove a tray ceiling?

Cost to Remove a CeilingRemove Ceiling CostZip CodeLowHigh
Remove Ceiling – Waste & Haul-away Costs$50.00 - $50.00$75.00 - $85.00
Remove Ceiling – Total$375.00 - $410.00$625.00 - $735.00
Remove Ceiling – Total Average Cost per square ft.$3.92$6.80

Does a tray ceiling add height?

"Tray ceilings can bring dynamic design to any room," says interior designer Kendall Wilkinson. "They easily add a perceived sense of height to your space, which creates a luxurious feeling from the view below." Plus, as HGTV reports, work that goes into installing a tray ceiling can ultimately add value to your home.

How do you modernize a tray ceiling?

Great Ideas to Make Your Tray Ceiling a Focal Point
  • Decorate Tray Ceiling with Paneling. ...
  • Tray Ceiling and regular walls same, Tray walls different color. ...
  • Tray slightly deeper than version of wall color. ...
  • Tray Color same as walls. ...
  • Accentuate the shape of tray ceiling. ...
  • Decorate your tray with moldings. ...
  • Decorate tray with tiles.
  • What is a double tray ceiling?

    A double-tray ceiling is constructed with an inset area, or tray, surrounded by two layers of molding -- like a picture frame with matting and a decorative frame -- providing a more dramatic appearance. There are various options available for enhancing the ceiling in a way that draws your eyes upward.

    Are tray ceilings energy efficient?

    With today's insulation and availability of energy efficient building materials, tray ceilings may be added to home design without fear of energy loss. It lends itself well to energy efficient fans and special lighting for aesthetic ambiance.

    How do you build a tray ceiling?

    Do you paint a tray ceiling?

    You can paint the tray of your ceiling, the perimeter, only the vertical surface, only the horizontal surface, work with stencils for a unique design, and more. You can also paint the vertical surfaces of the tray ceiling the same color as the walls for an interesting look.

    How wide should a tray ceiling be?

    Tray ceilings are constructed of regular drywall. The center portion of the ceiling is raised about 12 inches higher than the border area that meets the walls. The width of this border (typically 18 inches wide) and the size of the raised or recessed area depend on the size of the room and personal style.

    What is cathedral ceiling?

    What is a Cathedral Ceiling? A cathedral ceiling features straight sides that slope upward to match the shape of a roof's pitch. Both slopping sides are symmetrical and parallel to the pitch of the roof, unlike a vaulted ceiling, which does not follow the shape of the roof.

    How do you paint a room with a tray ceiling?

    How do you cut a tray ceiling?

    What is a shiplap ceiling?

    what is shiplap? Shiplap is wood paneling that is made of long, usually horizontal panels with a gap between the boards. In some areas, shiplap was used in the construction of homes where people drywall now. It is especially popular in areas with harsh climate because it is really good at protecting against weather.

    What does a coved ceiling look like?

    A coved ceiling is a rounded curved framing detail located where your wall and ceiling join together. ... Unlike typical crown molding, it has a rounded look, with a radius connecting the ceiling and wall. This particular ceiling will eliminate those hard 90 degree angles by creating a soft, smooth and rounded finish.

    What is the difference between a cathedral and a vaulted ceiling?

    Vaulted vs. While a cathedral ceiling has equal sloping sides that are parallel to the actual pitch of the roof, a vaulted ceiling does not follow the roof's pitch, with more styles to choose from.

    What is the cheapest ceiling to install?

    Drywall is the most inexpensive ceiling to install at $2 to $3 per square foot. Tray ceilings are equally affordable at $2 to $4 per square foot and so are tongue and groove designs.

    Do coffered ceilings make a room look smaller?

    Do coffered ceilings make a room look smaller? Yes and no. Installing beams will physically lower the ceiling and can make a small bedroom, for instance, feel even more cramped. That's why this style is recommended for rooms that are on the larger side and ceilings 9 feet high or taller.

    What is a Crawford ceiling?

    There is no such thing as a "Crawford" ceiling. Generally speaking, a tray ceiling is a good option for standard height ceilings (eight feet is a standard ceiling height) since it will extend the feeling of the room upward, making the room seem taller. A barrel ceiling will achieve similar results.

    Can you paint tray ceiling all white?

    Go simple and safe with all white. Another less intense option is to just paint everything in the room white, including the walls, the ceiling, and all of the crown molding. This will keep your tray ceiling from standing out too much, but will also look attractively clean and simple.

    What color should you paint a coffered ceiling?

    The best recommendation is that there shouldn't be just one color for your coffered ceiling. At least go for a two-toned look. You can go for dark contrasts or you can go for a more analogous approach wherein the shades are somewhat similar to each other instead of contrasting each other.

    What is a step ceiling?

    Simple Definition of a Step Ceiling A step ceiling is a series of trays, one inside the other, at different planes. There can be one or two or more steps, depending on the size of the home, the height of the ceilings and the amount of your building budget.

    What is a sloped ceiling?

    A sloped ceiling rises at an angle, following the roofline. ... As a result, the sloped ceilings create cozy nooks in attic levels, directly under the roofline, and increase the airiness of living rooms with vaulted ceilings.